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Consultancy Services

If you are a brand and would like to work with me on Social Beautify Blog and create branded content please email me on

If you are an expert who wants to grow a personal brand I quickly introduce myself here but make sure to connect on LinkedIn or check my professional website.

I have 15 years of experience in building a personal brand for both service-based and product businesses. I have spent my career learning about digital forms of communication and how we can utilise them to make a positive change in the world whilst remaining authentic. 

My work in underpinned by my empathetic nature and interest in behavioural psychology which heavily impacts how we use and behave on various platforms and devices. I merge all of that to create a unique approach that helps you build your personal brand online.  

I believe I can make the world a better place by bringing experts to the light of the right people.

I achieve it by challenging their assumptions, showing the potential the technology in their pockets brings, and giving them tools to do so. 

I teach experts how to use LinkedIn in the most comprehensive and authentic way so they can have a greater impact within their industry. Visit my professional website to work with me, or learn more.