Top budget beauty products selected by beauty bloggers.

It’s now nearly a month since the #BloggersLive event. This was a very interesting night bringing Bloggers together to discuss our most loved splurge items and our best budget buys. This is what we thought. TOP BUDGET BUYS Gel eye liner – Primark circa £1 Mascara – Maybelline (great lash…

Speed beauty event by Kilpatrick PR.

Last week I attended the “Speed Beauty Event” organised by Kilpatrick PR. Held in a stylish suite of The Haymarket hotel, with a small audience it had such a great family feel to it. I met some lovely bloggers there and I had a chance to try some products out….

Should you start having Botox?

It’s no surprise that women have low self confidence when it comes to looks. We constantly surrounded by perfect images jumping at us from magazines and billboards. These picture perfect bodies and faces look at us every day, photoshopped so much, that it would be probably difficult to recognise the…