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Writing an ethics statement isn’t the most fun part of running a blog but I think it is important to lay down the principles Social Beautify runs on. Mainly just for clarity on all sides, so here goes….

Social Beautify is a place where I share my experience and knowledge in an unbiased way to help readers discover new products, lifestyles etc. Its very important to me that all my posts are honest and truthful from my experiences or that of a guest author. I do sometimes get given products to try by PR companies and so on, but this doesn’t mean I will blog about that product nor offer a positive review should I feel it doesn’t deserve one. Opinions expressed in posts will always be completely unbiased, unless otherwise stated in the post (call that a sponsored post). I will only feature products that are inline with my blog and that I deem relevant to Social Beautify’s readers.

All comments posted on Social Beautify are moderated. Besides trying to block the horrible spam bots, the internet can sometimes be a vicious and explicit place. Explicit language, bullying etc will not be allowed. Saying this, I will always accept comments that challenge something I might have written about. I encourage open discussions on Social Beautify and through them we can all learn more.

Working with other bloggers is great and I encourage you to get in touch if you would like to write something for Social Beautify. All guest blogger opinions though are that of the guest blogger and not to be considered representative of the opinions of Social Beautify’s owner.


All original content created for Social Beautify is copyright 2011-2014. No content from the site, inclusive of images, videos, written content may be used without prior consent from the owner, Social Beautify.

Most multimedia content used on Social Beautify is original and subject to the copyright above. Sometimes images have to be used from other sources. In this instance I will always quote the source in the posted content. Should the source wish the image not to be used I will gladly comply.


In May 2011, an EU regulation came into action requiring all website owners to obtain consent to the use of cookies. Cookies are small files loaded onto your computer when you visit a website. For most websites they are required in order for the website to function correctly. The first time you visit Social Beautify you will be prompted at the bottom of your screen to accept the use of cookies on this site. After that you will not be asked again unless you log in from another computer or reset your browser.  For more information about cookies and how you can remove cookies from your web browser please visit The ICO.


If you have any queries regarding the above or Social Beautify please drop me an email by clicking here