My choice of Black Friday deals from FOREO.

There are up to 50% deals from FOREO this year, plus free gifts for Black Friday. In the past, I didn’t pay much attention to Black Friday deals; however, nowadays, I like to plan my purchases. I make a wish list, especially of those items which I see as investment pieces. This guide will show you some of my most used FOREO devices and those you can get with a substantial Black Friday discount. 

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I introduced you to a few FOREO beauty devices this year. Today, I want to share my top three FERO beauty devices that you should put on your Black Friday deal shopping list. They will make your skincare routine easier and more effective. 

LUNA 3 by FOREO with a 32% discount. 

LUNA 3 by FOREO cleansing device and face massager.

LUNA  is the original 2-in-1 Smart Facial Cleansing & Firming Device. It makes the skincare routine effortless. Thanks to LUNA, you will wash your face thoroughly, and your serums and moisturiser absorb better into the skin. LUNA range is loved by those who suffer from acne, and I understand why as someone who used to struggle with pimples. It helps to keep the skin clean without the need for harsh cleansing products or scrubbing. Also, because LUNA is made of hospital-grade silicone, it doesn’t harbour bacteria in the brush.

 LUNA 3 comes with a facial massager setting, which is, in addition to a face cleansing function. It helps you to maximise your skincare routine while improving product absorption. The massager also helps reduce muscle tension which reduces the appearance of lines. 

  • 100% of users reported more refreshed and radiant skin.
  • 98% of users said that skin feels smoother and softer.
  • 98% of users reported better absorption of skincare products.
  • 90% of users reported healthier-looking skin.
  • 81% of users reported a reduced appearance of blemishes.
  • 86% of users said that skin looks & feels firmer and more elastic.

Many celebrities have endorsed the LUNA range, from Venus Williams to Rita Ora, and I know why. Living in the spotlight can be challenging, and if you ever had a bad skin day, you’ll know how it lowers your self-esteem. An effective skincare routine helps you have good skin, and good skin brings confidence. 

UFO 2 by FOREO  with a 50% discount. 

UFO 2 by FOREO and UFO activated-mask selection.
Woman using a FOREO UFO2 device.

It takes only 2 minutes to perform a facial with UFO 2 and provides pro-level results. This is a facial for gals on the go or if you don’t like too much fuss. 

Designed with a combination of cutting-edge technologies. UFO 2 was shouted to be a revolutionary device. It leaves you with an instantly nourished, healthy glow from the very first use. UFO™ features instant warming to infuse active mask ingredients deep below the skin’s surface, where they work best. A quick cooling function helps to shrink pores & reduce puffiness, and full-spectrum LED light diminishes signs of ageing & visibly revitalises skin. Finally, the signature T-Sonic™ massage relaxes facial & neck muscle tension points while boosting skin’s radiance – for softer, smoother, selfie-ready skin.

I tied UFO2 by FOREO for the first time a couple of years ago – you can read it here – and I still love it. UFO 2 takes a proud space in my mask drawer. I often choose to use the mask instead of my skincare routine. All the masks are very hydrating, and with my combination skin type, I did not need to add more products on top of the UFO-activated mask. 

UFO 2 by FOREO is now COMPATIBLE WITH ANY SHEET MASKS.  As a result of the new and advanced temperature control feature, UFO™ 2, you can now use your device with any sheet mask to enhance product absorption and skin benefits, ensuring the ultimate at-home spa experience. If you want to add UFO 2 to your Black Friday deals shopping list, grab it here! 

ISSA 3 by FOREO  with a 48% discount 

Woman smiling and using ISSA 3 by FOREO.
ISSA 3 by FOREO standing on the bathroom skin.

According to FOREO, this is your complete 4-in-1 oral care for teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks. ISSA 3 is the world’s first silicone toothbrush. Its hybrid brush head combines ultra-hygienic, medical-grade, soft silicone for a gentle gum massage & sturdier PBT polymer bristles to break down plaque. 

ISSA 3 is my favourite travel toothbrush because it lasts for 365 uses on a single charge. I don’t have to worry about running out of battery when I’m away. My teeth get a good clean even when I’m on the go, so I keep my ISSA 3 always in my travel toiletry bag. 

I got one as a gift this year, and if you want to do the same, you can grab it here with a 40% discount for Black Friday. 

I hope you enjoyed this short guide to my Black Friday deals from FOREO. 

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