LUNA 4 by FOREO review. 

Female hands holing LUNA 4 by FOREO in one hand and FOREO micro-foam cleanser in the other hand.
LUNA 4 by FOREO Sweden. Device for Combination skin.

LUNA 4 is the newest addition to FOREO’S famous LUNA range, the desired beauty gadget by many. LUNA 4 is a 2-in-1 facial cleansing and firming device, so let’s look closely at LUNA 4. You will learn how LUNA 4 is different from other LUNA devices. How can it boost your daily skincare routine with it? Finally, is it worth upgrading to LUNA 4 if you already have another LUNA device?

LUNA 4 the features. 

Woman, smiling and applying the FOREO cleansing product to the bushes of the LUNA 4 by FOREO.

LUNA 4 offers a more tailored experience so you can choose the device best suited to your skin type. It comes in options for sensitive or combination skin. Also, the integrated app offers you ways to tailor your cleansing experience to your liking. You can choose between gentle, regular or deep cleansing modes. The same goes for the firming massage routines. 

Here are all the new features in brief. 

  • Personalised cleansing – in-app settings give great choice intensity and length. 
  • Ultra-hygienic silicone – doesn’t allow for bacteria to bread. 
  • App-guided firming massages. 
  • 300 uses per single USB charge
  • When purchasing, choose between a device designed for Sensitive or Combination skin. 

Why you’d love cleansing with LUNA 4

 It’s convenient. LUNA 4 is easy to use, and when it comes to beauty gadgets, after testing many different types of gadgets and various cleansing devices, I believe that ease of use and convince are vital to adopting the device into the cleansing routine.  

Woman siting on the edge of the bath and washing her face with FOREO products.
Using LUNA 4 with FOREO micro-foaming cleanser for my morning cleanse.
Woman washing her forehead with LUNA 4 by FOREO.
I set the routine in the app so that it’s a little longer than the default mode, and I use deep clean settings too.

LUNA 4 is made of silicone bristles, which are soft and hygienic, so you don’t have to worry about replacing brushes like other cleansing devices. You can use it 300 times before you need to charge it. That’s close to six months of use if you use it twice daily. And you can charge it with a USB cable included. 

Further, for your convenience, LUNA 4 was designed to be waterproof. You can take it under the shower or use it in the bath as the device is entirely waterproof. That, again, makes it easy to use. 

Wet your LUNA 4, add some cleansing product and follow the cleansing program you have set up in the app. Once you set your program, your LUNA 4 will remember and run it every time you turn your cleansing device on. 

App-guided firming massage facials

Women showing off her clean skin after the cleansing routine with FOREO products.
Post-cleans glowing skin. My new LUNA 4 arrived just in time to clear my breakouts.

In addition to cleansing, LUNA 4 is also a facial massager developed to help firm the skin. It uses low-frequency pulsation to help firm the skin. It also helps to relax facial muscle tension points. Finally, it improves lymphatic drainage, subsequently promoting a more radiant complexion. Lymphatic drainage also reduces puffiness around the eyes or the face. 

I use the massage feature following my serum application. That’s how I enjoy using it most. 

LUNA 4 Clinically proven results. 

Woman with some makeup on and hair styled all dressed and ready for the day following her morning routine of skincare and makeup.
A little later on in the day, after some hair styling and makeup applied to the skin.

FOREO is always proud of its clinically-proven results for its gadgets, so let’s look at the findings from LUNA 4 clinical trials. The tests showed that LUNA 4:

  • Removed 99% of dirt, oil and makeup
  • Was 35 times more hygienic than brushes with nylon bristles 

In addition to the clinical trials, FOREO conducted a third-party consumer test in which the consumers agreed that:

  • 89% of participants reported skin feels smoother and softer
  • 98% reported better absorption of skincare products 
  • 90% felt their skin looked healthier 
  • 81% thought the appearance of blemishes was reduced 
  • 86% of users felt their skin looked and felt firmer

Key differences between LUNA 4 and LUNA 3 

I have to admit that initially, I didn’t think there would be much difference between the two that would be tactile, and it made me feel like LUNA 4 is so much better, but I had to eat my own words on this one. I genuinely prefer it compared to my LUNA 3 

The feel of the bristle and its thickness is much nicer. Cleansing feels better, but I also feel like it does a better job. I LOVE the control over cleansing modes.

Here is the list of features that LUNA 4 has over LUNA 3 

  • Gentle, regular and Deep Cleansing modes 
  • Adjustable massage patterns
  • 17% softer silicone 
  • Bush heads are Balanced skin, Sensitive skin and combination skin, while LUNA 3 has Normal skin, sensitive skin and combination skin. I have a combination skin device in both and prefer the feel of LUNA 4 by a mile. 
  • LUNA 4 also has a travel lock 
  • You get nearly double the number of uses from a single garage on LUNA 3 than LUNA 4. However, 300 uses from a single USB charge is excellent anyway. 

My first device from the LUNA range was LUNA Mini, and I’ve used it for over five years. Those devices make great long-term investment pieces. You can shop LUNA 4 here. 

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