ESPADA by FOREO Sweden, does it help to treat acne?

Woman siting on the edge of the bed. She's holiding in her hands a pink ESPADA, blue light device to treat acne.

Acne treatments aren’t always fun and often don’t deliver the desired results. A few years ago, I spoke with a girl who’s been using a blue light device and was acne-free for the first time without the need for strong antibiotics. Since that time always wanted to test one. Today’s post is dedicated to ESPADA review, a blue LED light acne treatment device by FOREO. I’ll tell you what it is, how ESPADA work, and what results can you expect.

A D: This is a sponsored post.

What is ESPADA by Foreo? 

ESPADA by FOREO Sweden, lying flat on the satin baground with Foreo bloemish solution lying next to it.
had holiding ESPADA pooiting the end with the light source up to the camera.
Targeted light source

ESPADA by FOREO is an FDA-cleared medical device clinically proven to treat and heal acne-prone skin. FOREO designed it to destroy acne-causing bacteria without drying or damaging the skin. It’s kind for the skin and won’t cause skin dryness or irritation like some of the acne treatments available on the market. 

First, things you should know about acne.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. When that happens, it creates a perfect environment for acne-causing bacteria to thrive. As a result, it creates whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. The causes of acne can vary. You could experience it due to hormonal changes, extreme weather even physical or emotional stress. 

Acne knocks you down. 

Working for many years in the beauty industry, I saw acne sufferers spend hundreds of pounds searching for a perfect solution because acne, a visible skin condition, knocks our confidence. It can profoundly impact mental health, self-worth, relationships, friendships, and work. A British Journal of Dermatology study found that patients with acne had an increased risk of developing major depression and anxiety. 

How does ESPADA work? 

Woman wearing white shirt is sitting on the bad. She's holding ESPADA blue light device up to her cheek to treat the skin.
Here I’m using ESPADA by FOREO for the first time.

ESPADA uses the dual-power of laser-focused Blue LED light & T-Sonic pulsations to quickly and effectively destroy acne-causing bacteria. The blue light can penetrate deeper into the skin where the bacteria lives and kill it off. By eliminating the bacteria, ESPADA helps to heal existing pimples or prevent new ones. 

It also helps to clear acne blemishes and inflammation. FOREO claims ESPADA can help regulate sebum production, which subsequently helps prevent future breakouts. 

What makes ESPADA unique and competitive compared to other similar products. 

Firstly, its modern design uses technological advancements such as; Dual LED- Pulse Technology, precise targeting light, and anti-bacterial silicone. 

Secondly, ESPADA is Non-Invasive and pain-free; it’s FDA-approved (if you are in the US) and safe to use. It uses cartridges, and you can use it 50 times on 1. 

My first impression while using ESPADA

I found the ESPADA very intuitive to use. It needed a charge when I took it out of the box. I turned it on with a press of a button, and then a targeted light (which looks like a laser aiming at the target) helped me direct the light right at the spot. Genius. You can feel the pulsation increasing whiles the treatment is in progress. Then it automatically stopped, and at that point, I could move it to the next area. I haven’t got too many skin problems, but there are three larger and quite perseverent blemishes. They keep appearing in the same spot, so I decided to focus on them.

I also revied a cream FOREO’s BHA+PHA Blemish Solution. It’s clinically proven to reduce blemishes in just 3 days. You use it on clean skin by dabbing a small amount directly on the spot. Nest follow with the ESPADA treatment. More about it soon.

FOREO ESPADA BHA +PHA Blemish Solution in hand of a woman. Next is lying a pink ESPADA blue light device. All on the pink satim becground.
FOREO BHA + PHA Blemish Solution. Compatible with ESPADA device.


I only began my journey with ESPADA, so I feel I owe you an update in a couple of weeks to give you a feel for the results I’m experiencing using the ESPADA device and the BHA+PHA Blemish Solution.

For now, if you feel this could be a solution to feeling skin confident, you can find more about ESPADA here.

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