What do the breathing, surfing, NIVEA and plastic pollution have in common?

Surfing in Cornwall with NIVEA

Every second breath you take comes from the ocean. I am not doing enough to protect it, do you? Ocean also absorbs more carbon than trees do but I am not doing enough to protect it, do you? Every send breath you take comes from the ocean. Yet we are slowly killing its ability to produce oxygen with the vast plastic pollution. So, I went to Cornwall with NIVEA to learn about their sustainability project and how to cut back on plastic pollution. It was an eye-opener. I consider myself connected to nature, yet I’ve learned a lot and mostly that I’m not doing enough. NIVEA, the UK’s number one skincare brand, recognises their colossal responsibility to reduce plastic pollution. This means they have to do more to educate about it and make affordable and more environmentally friendly products because this will enable us, the consumers, to make more sustainable choices. 

Like fish in the water :)

Surfing in the sea and the healing power of the elements. 

When I spent the morning surfing, I did not even for a split second thought of anything else. I focused on how to stand up on the board while the rough waves were trying to make it tricky. Not for a second, an unrelated thought entertained my mind. The revitalising power of that experience was apparent instantly. It’s lovely to use nature to have fun. To play and to heal from the stress of everyday life, but for how long can we be so carefree? 

Upsetting facts about plastic pollution and what is Nivea’s sustainability project? 

It’s easy to think that plastic pollution in the ocean isn’t our problem. What we don’t see doesn’t bother us much. Remember every second breath we take comes from the ocean, so we should care. 

  • Our ocean covers over 70% of our planet.
  • It provides more than half of the oxygen we breathe and absorbs nearly a third of our carbon emissions. That’s more than what trees absorb!
  • It’s estimated that 11 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean annually, of which 80% comes from the mainland.
  • Pollution, including plastic pollution, has been reported to be one of the five main drivers of the current biodiversity crisis, threatening 40% of marine mammals with extinction.
MagicBAR is 100% plastic-free.
Packaging is made with 97% recycled plastic.

Nivea launched their sustainability project on the 8th of June 2022, which aims to educate us about the problem and what we can do to make positive changes for the health of the oceans. But Nivea is also making changes to become sustainable and lead the way in the beauty industry. NIVEA aims to create products with the health of the oceans and the planet in mind.

What you can do to cut back on plastic pollution. 

Firstly, start recycling your bathroom waste because, unfortunately, only about 45% of us recycle our bathroom waste! I know it’s horrid, and I’m guilty of it too. 

Getting to terms that single-use plastic is ridiculous, and we must move away from it wherever possible. 

You can make more sustainable choices when choosing your beauty products by shopping more carefully. For products that care for the skin whilst cutting back on plastic, you can look to NIVEA. The bio jars in NIVEA’s Naturally Good face care range are made of certified renewable plastic. NIVEA’s MagicBAR is 100% plastic-free, and the Eco Refill Hand Soap reduces plastic use through its reusable container and dissolvable tablets. 

By choosing these NIVEA products and making minor changes to our everyday routines, we can collectively embrace the small sustainable actions that can make a big difference. 

The big project for a healthier planet. 

NIVEA is working to make its products more sustainable. They have removed the micro plastic from all their products. And pledge that by 2025 they will make 100% of NIVEA packaging reusable, refillable or recyclable. They also aim to increase the sarge of recycled content in their plastic packaging to 30% and reduce the use of fossil-based virgin plastic by 50%. 

Those are great big aims, and I’m pleased to hear about them. Considering the volume of potions we use to beautify ourselves it hopefully will start the change. 

NIVEA is also working with Lucy Campbell – current British Women’s surfing champion – and the Marine Conservation Society to continue to #CutBackOnPlasticPollution and embrace climate care via their skin care. 

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