LUNA 3 by FOREO Sweden review.

LUNA 3 by FOREO standing next to a face cleansing gel.
LUNA 3 for combination skin, by FOREO Sweden.

Meet LUNA 3 a cleansing device and a massager.

I’m excited to share with you LUNA 3 review, a T-sonic facial cleansing brush and firming massager in one. My LUNA 3 is for combination skin, but it comes in three models. There is a version for normal skin or sensitive skin. I often exercise, so LUNA 3 became a staple because it helps to eliminate work-out related breakouts. I will also share how to get your own FERO gadget with a discount.

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The tech speck of LUNA 3

Before cleansing with LUNA 3

It wouldn’t be a LUNA 3 review without some technical specifications, so where we go.

Because LUNA 3 comes in three models, I could choose it based on my skin type and lifestyle. It’s perfect for everyday use, gym bag end travel because it lasts up to 650 uses on a single charge. I mean a year of using it twice a day on one charge! I will sooner forget where I put my charger than need to use it.

It also comes with an app that I used to set up the intensity and length of my cleansing routine. I use it on my face and neck as advised by FOREO. My cleansing routine is 2 minutes long, but I will tell you more about my routine in a minute. The integrated app is also a smart feature. I can use the app to set up the cleanse or follow a guide firming massager treatment.

Finally, the LUNA 3 is made of gentle and ultra-hygienic silicone bristles that resist bacteria buildup. That makes LUNA 3 35x more hygienic than nylon-bristled facial brushes.

Why I chose LUNA 3?

Out for a run.

I have a combination skin type, and I break out easily if my skincare routine slips up a little. When I use a rich moisturiser or don’t cleanse immediately after the exercise, it upsets my skin. I run often, so I’ve learned that I need to jump in the shower immediately after the workout. Choosing the products that help me keep a clear skin has been a long process. They have to be powerful to remove a build-up of oil, dirt and bacteria yet gentle enough to keep my skin’s microbiome untouched. Using LUNA 3 after the workout has helped me minimise the breakouts. I can effectively use gentle cleansers suited to my skin. The built-in timer makes it easy to stick to a 2-minute cleanse.

How I cleanse with LUNA 3.

The first few seconds of the cleanse
The 2 minutes cleanse coming to an end.

I start by removing my eye makeup. Next, I choose a facial cleansing gel. I received a mini of Micro-Foam Cleanser by FOREO, but I also have a couple of other cleansers that I love, like Elemental Herbology or Vichy. Either of the cleansing gels works perfectly with LUNA 3.

I have set up a two minute cleanse in the app at the intensity level 8. I have 45 seconds for the forehead and nose. 30 seconds on each cheek, and 30 for the chin. Currently, I feel it’s perfect for my skin, but I might play around with the settings in the future.

I always wet the device first and dispense some cleansing gel onto it. Then I turn it on and follow my cleansing routine. My skin always feels clean and smooth afterwards, and my skincare products absorb easily. I also feel like following the full two minutes routine with my LUNA 3 makes my complexion glow. Even if only temporary, it’s a nice result.

Getting your own LUNA 3

I have a 10% off code for all FOREO products. It can be anything from an ISSA toothbrush, UFO2, BEAR, etc. Use code EWASB10 if you want to get yourself some FOREO tech. Also, if you used to use Clarisonic which closed its doors some time ago, FOREO is offering £26 off for those who are switching to a FOREO cleansing brush.

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