Nano CellCare – reverse the signs of ageing and improve areas where traditional methods can’t help. 

Nano Healthcare session at Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio.

Nano CellCare can rejuvenate your body and problem areas for up to 12 years, all without pain and needles. There are only nine machines in Europe since it was made available for public use in 2019. In the UK, one of them is at Dorota’s Lifestyle studio in Chiswick, West London. As a regular at Dorota’s Lifestyle studio, I saw people achieving astonishing results with Nano CellCare treatments. Some come to use it for beauty and rejuvenate the skin without the needles. Others come for health reasons. I had a chance to try it a few times for health and beauty. Most recently, when I was in pain. Nano was the first thing I thought of. I shared it with you many times on Instagram, so I owe you an explanation of why I would want anyone I love to experience Nano CellCare Technology.

Your cells need water if you want to be at your peak. 

When you were a baby, the cells in your body were perfectly hydrated, and your skin had all the nutrients too. A young body is full of Hyaluronic Acid, a liquid of youth. Perfectly hydrated cells can regenerate and function to 100% of their capabilities. When you are young, you recover fast and don’t injure easily. As you age, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid in the cells of your body decreases, which slows down regeneration. You also become more prone to injuries. Less Hyaluronic Acid in your body also shows as lines and wrinkles. You can see that the skin isn’t as supple as it used to be. Without Hyaluronic Acid, it’s harder for the skin to produce collagen. The amount of collagen in our skin decreases by about 1% from our early twenties.  

No, the future isn’t as grim as it may look, although ageing is something to look forward to. We know that you can help nourish your cells with a correct diet, but it’s hard work and nowhere near as targeted and effective as Nano CellCare. It operates on the same principle. Keep your cells hydrated, and your body will thank you. 

What is Nano CellCare?

Nano CellCare Technology uses Hyaluronic Acid, Mineral Salts and Vitamin C from the Dead Sea. Nano CellCare machine breaks the particles into nanoparticles and ejects them from the device at a speed of 1400 kph. The size of the nanoparticle is so tiny that it can penetrate through the skin and directly to the cell. When you have a nano treatment, you can bring back the level of Hyaluronic Acid and vital salts in your cells to an optimal level. All that it’s painless. 

Six to twelve years younger without a single injection.  

When you commit to one session for six months, you can rejuvenate your skin or problem areas for up to 12 years. But Nano CellCare goes further. You can aid pain and recovery after injuries. Suppose you are suffering from chronic pain or post-surgery scarring and bruising. In that case, Nano CellCare sessions could help you recover and minimise the pain beyond what’s possible via traditional methods as it forces your cells to regenerate naturally. You can focus the treatment on the problem area, and slowly as your cells become perfectly hydrated and start to function optimally, the regeneration process can occur.

I saw customers with chronic knee problems who used to wear support for years of their life and didn’t need it after a few sessions. To take part in a bike ride and run a half marathon only months later was nothing they ever thought would be possible for them. 

What does the Nono CellCare treatment look like? 

Nano CellCare treatment can take between ten to twenty minutes. Ten minutes if you choose only Hyaluronic Acid treatment or twenty if you follow with a Mineral Salts and Vitamin C treatment. 

You will sit, lie or whatever is comfortable for you on the catch and use the end of the machine to direct the stream of broken down substances to your skin. It’s that easy, but the results are mind-blowing. The particle is so tiny you don’t feel anything. You can see it as a mist when you have a mineral salts treatment, but hyaluronic acid is invisible.  That’s it.  

How Nano CellCare helped me.  

I used Nano CellCare a couple of times for health. Once when I lost my voice and, most recently, to ease pain and speed up my recovery when I developed an infection after a dental procedure. In both instances, the pain decreased nearly instantely. My recovery in both cases was at least 48h shorter than expected by the doctor. It felt particularly miraculous with my most recent infection. I was in agony and told it would take at least a couple of days for the antibiotics to start working. I had a Nano CellCare session 5 hours before I took my first dose of antibiotics and felt like most of the pain was gone only 24hours later. I didn’t need any more painkillers.

Nano CellCare session was the first thing I could think about when I was in agony. I felt grateful to have access to this incredible treatment because I saw the remarkable results. Particularly with a non-invasive treatment. You have to understand how it works and see some results, but once you try it, you will look at it as a solution to many, many issues. 

Post-treatment glowing skin.

How I used Nano CellCare for beauty. 

Glow and nothing else after the last couple of Nano CellCare sessions.

Yes, Nano CellCare was launched for beauty and body rejuvenation. My instant results were glowing and smoother skin. I’m in my early forties and with pretty good skin, so I only needed a couple of sessions to notice that my skin overall looked smoother. However, I saw other benefits of perfect cell nourishment as time went by. After the last couple of beauty sessions, my skin was spotless for over a month. It feels fresh and looks fresh every single day. I also noticed my complexion wasn’t getting as oily. 

What you should know about Nano CellCare at Dorota’s Lifestyle. 

Just go and try it if you can. Honestly, I wish I could bring there my dad with his sore ankle and chronic pain. I also want anyone close to me who suffers from injuries or post-op problems to go and try it. I know it can be life-changing or make them feel better. 

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