Looking back at… March

I started March with my birthday celebration as they fall at the end of February, but it was a month dedicated to collecting moments. My birthday celebrations kick-started it, even though I only spent the time the few dearests to me. I love experiences and chats so that’s what I mostly did. I always used to feel uneasy about asking people to celebrate my day. I still feel that way, so I’m going to work on it going forward. Perhaps next year, I will plan a party. I love making the fuss of everyone else’s birthday, though, so I’m still unsure why I feel awkward about my own.

Collecting moments, not things.

The Grove
Have I ever mentioned that I love sunsets?

Mach was rich in moments to remember. Beautiful scenery and sunset as the day was getting longer. I worked hard over last year to learn to be present, and I think I’m a lot better at it. I feel like I’ve inhaled the sweet moments with people I love this year more than ever. I wouldn’t change a thing. I worked hard to appreciate those lighthearted moments without feeling the guilt that I was not working hard. With inspiration from my friend Patty, I decided to be more conscious about collecting moments this next year.

Wearing one of m favourite dresses in my wardrobe.

Dress: Ted Baker – one of the best purchases of last year. My investment piece and one that I will wear dressed up and down.

It was fabulous to dress up like a lady after months of fluffy coats, hats and boots. Come on, spring.

The human touch.

I learned to appreciate the freedom to spend time and make memories with my friends. Last year I set an intention always to plan and set a date in the diary to see my friends regularly. Set a date, not just say I see you soon. Otherwise, the soon quickly changes to some time maybe. Before you know it, some months will go by. I feel this habit has settled now, and I don’t think about it anymore. As my birthday approached, I looked back at all the intentions I’d set in the previous year and felt content with myself.

Having my friends by my side over the last few years has been instrumental in my growth and learning to be a better person. Or at least as good a person as I can be.

Sometimes love is hard.

Plaza Jelitkowo, Poland
A pretty seaside spot a five min drive from my parent’s house.
Sea shells buried in the sand. The clear blue sky.
Clear Baltic sea.
View of the beach from a low perspective.
Sea and sand.

You know, sometimes love is hard. It’s hard when you love someone with all your heart, but your heart made a home miles away from those people. Then you have to learn to live without them close by. March was also a month when I finally went over and saw my parents. You just can’t beat homemade lunch, mum’s cuddles and dad jokes.

Solo date, food and the rest.

I’m very grateful for all those beautiful moments I had with my loved ones, friends and even some of my solo dates. I’m also looking forward to collecting moments as the year goes by. And more solo date days too. Those are also very important.

Until next month. Ewa x

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