Six minutes effective skincare routine with FOREO.

FOREO three skincare gadgets lying flat on the tables.
My FOREO devices to use in my six minutes skincare routine.

I want a skincare routine that is effective and sustainable because I know good skin gives me confidence. It must be easy to stay constant so that I can develop a habit. Today, I want to share my six minutes effective skincare routine with FOREO gadgets because this routine has three steps, so it is easy to follow through and takes only six minutes. Still, each step’s effectiveness is elevated by the FOREO products giving visible results fast. It’s probably the closes I can get to a salon facial at home.

Also, keep those devices in mind as Mother’s Day gift ideas. For busy mums who always put family first, this might be spot on to ensure they don’t forget to take time for self-care and self-love.

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Cleanse so that my skincare works wonders.

woman holding in her hand Luna 3 by FOREO.
LUNA 3 by FOREO – perfect for combination skin.
Female hand holding FOREO Micro-Foam cleanser.
This time I’m trying it with Micro-Cleanser by FOREO Sweden.

A perfectly suited cleaning routine to my skin needs is the most crucial step for me. None of the skincare will ever work wonders when you don’t clean your skin correctly so that it can absorb all the goodness with ease.

LUNA 3 is easy to use and delivers a gentle, yet efficient deep cleanse and a momentary look of rejuvenated skin. The ultra-hygienic silicone bristles paired with a deeply enjoyable T-Sonic massage expertly remove up to 99.5% of impurities, while providing a pro prep for enhanced absorption of my favourite skincare.

Before using LUNA by FOREO I used to experiment with more intense cleansing gels, but they often overdried my skin, compromising my skin’s microbiome and as a result, leading to more skincare problems. I first started using LUNA Mini and now LUNA 3 and fit it first perfectly in my six-minute effective skincare routine.

Woman holding her LUNA 3 ready to cleanse her face.
Before cleansing with LUNA 3
Woman showing off her glowing, clean skin after cleansing with LUNA 3 by FOREO.
After cleansing with LUNA 3 by FOREO.

Mask in 90 seconds

Woman using FOREO UFO2 device. She's waring a grey dressing gown, her hair is wet and she's smiling.

After cleansing, I love using UFO 2 because it’s a practical mask and skincare. I don’t want to spend too much time in the bathroom with many potions. Multi-step skincare routines never worked for me as too many ingredients on my skin only were irritating. The UFO 2 with the UFO activated masks is quick – it takes 2 minutes altogether – and effective. 

I never feel the need for any other skincare product when I use UFO 2 device with UFO 2 activated mask, and my skin feels great and looks terrific post-treatment. You can read the full review about UFO 2 and how to use it over here. I have had mine now for two years and love it. 

Firming treatment and facial massage

Close up BEAR buy FOREO being held in fingers, with a shelf in the background.

BEAR used T-sonic pulsations and microcurrent to push products deeper into the dermis, making my skincare more beneficial. It’s like a gym for the face. It helps firm and tighten the skin. Because it boosts microcirculation, I also notice that it makes my complexion glow more. I use mine on a high setting because I’m used to a similar sensation from the salon facial. 

There are multiple treatments to choose from, but when I use BEAR in my FOREO three-step routine, I prefer the shorter treatments because I want to close all the steps within six minutes. 

Six minutes effective skincare routine for salon-like results.

I love taking care of my skin, but I prefer spending my time on other aspects of life rather than my daily skincare. Running my business takes a lot of time. I want to have the energy and time to see my friends and family and time to rewind and work on myself. Sure, I want my skin to glow! I want it to look excellent for my age but spending hours in the bathroom to make my skin glow just isn’t on my agenda and that’s why I love FOREO. Whenever I choose to use the full three steps in my routine I select 2-minute treatments at most to close the entire session in six minutes. Those are definitely six mighty minutes for my skin. You can shop for FOREO devices here.

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