MYRI London personalised jewellery, to show that you care.

MYRI London is a jewellery brand that stands for personalisation. It offers a range of personalised necklaces and bracelets which you can all customise with a complimentary bespoke engraving. MYRI’s ambition is to create the most comprehensive range of personalised jewellery in the UK. Since it was my niece’s twelve birthday yesterday, I thought a grown-up personalised neckless would make a perfect gift.

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The MYRI collection

The neckless I chose for Sofia

The brand launched with an initial selection of 120 pieces. WOW, that’s not bad for a start. All the pieces are silver, 18K gold plate and 18K rose gold plate, featuring diamond-set, birthstone and zodiac designs.

And there are plans to add more lines throughout the year, with a new Gemstone Collection scheduled for Summer. With traditional diamond-cut engravings in precious metal, MYRI personalised jewellery is designed to mean more and help mark life’s special memories.

Every piece of personalised jewellery tells a strory.

For me choosing a piece for Sofia was marking a little girl getting big and independent. She knows what she likes. Sofia has matured in the past year and is starting to care more about fine dining and playing dress-up than watching movies and playing computer games so I wanted to treat her to something that will grow with her. We thought her to appreciate jewellery and I’m proud that she chose this piece. I shortlisted my top three choices and I let her choose her favourite so she wasn’t overwhelmed with a staggering 120 pieces on the website.

My plan was to show you her wearing her neckless but I got seriously ill and couldn’t get to her on time for her birthday. I wanted to share this brand with you now as the pieces can make a perfect Mother’s Day gift too. Pieces are priced between £25 and £85, positioning the brand as an affordable option for gifting occasions. Have a look at MYRI London here.


The neckless was a hit.

My niece rocking her new neckless.

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