BEAR by FOREO Sweden review.

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BEAR by FOREO is like having a PT for your face at home. A beauty-tech gadget that makes facial fitness possible at home. With its slick design and app integration. Using BAEAR at home with my skincare routine helps my products penetrate deeper into the skin, where they can work harder to deliver results. Plus, the device helps lift the face’s contours and firm the skin.

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BEAR the key product features. 

The microcurrent tones the skin when gentle T-sonic pulsations massage the face and brighten the complexion. 

The Anti-Shock system scans and measures the skin’s resistance to electricity and automatically adjust the microcurrent; this happens to maintain a steady quality of treatment for maximum safety and comfort. 

BEAR device with FOREO serum to match.

Connect your BEAR to the app, and the device will automatically sink your setting with FOREO For You app once you register your device. It then offers you more microcurrent intensities and a guided facial fitness routine. Those guided routines are brilliant to massage the face using BEAR for best results. I use them all the time, but more about my experience later on. 

My Experience Using BEAR by FOREO Sweden. 

I’m using BEAR with my evening routine.

Like all beauty-tech from FOREO, the gadget is small, sleek and integrated with an app for ease of use. Coupled with the FOREO serum recommended and designed to work with BEAR, I always use it with the guided treatment in the application. The treatments are between 2-3 minutes long and effortless to follow. I always know that I’ve used it correctly and haven’t missed any areas on my face.

BEAR with some of my skincare I’ve been using over last few weeks of testing.

Since I’m used to microcurrent from at salon treatments I had in the past, I often choose the highest settings, but the app and the device itself gives me easy option to adjust the current level and T-sonic pulsations.

The serum has a gel consistency. I use between two to three pumps for the entire face per treatment most of the time. That’s so there is enough product on the skin for the BEAR to glide smoothly throughout the treatment.

How using BEAR fits into my skincare routine?

Since I keep my skincare routine as simple as possible, I found it easy to add a step and use BEAR by FOREO. For the review, I committed to using it daily to assess the results in a short time. In the future, I see myself using it only a few times a week because I like keeping my skincare minimal daily. This approach has helped my skin become calmer, so even I can see the benefits of using BEAR, I still want to use as few products and ingredients on my skin as possible.

The results after three weeks or regular use of BEAR by FOREO.

A brunette smiling sitting on the chair in cram sweatshirt.
Skin before the weeks of daily BEAR use.
Skin after two weeks of daily use of BEAR once a day.

Blessed with pretty firm skin in my early forties I find it difficult to tell if my skin is firmer. I can tell it glows after the treatment and I think that’s because the microcurrent and T-Sonic pulsations also stimulate microcirculation in the skin.

The results are scientifically proven so I have no doubts that if I continue using the device, I will be glad just like I believe using SPF daily since my early 20’s helped me keep my skin looking a lot younger for my age.

Overall, I think that if I can add it to my skincare routine long term so that it fits between my usual cleanse and moisturiser I might see better results. I feel three weeks was a little short to see a significant difference.

Going forward I will use BEAR a couple of times a week, only because I love my routine as simple as it can be.

Who is it best for?

Well, if you feel like gravity is pulling your chicks down, like your skin doesn’t have the same definition along the jawline and you want to prologue the firm and youthful features, BEAR is the right product. It’s an investment in skincare but in a long run will bring great benefits. Fantastic beauty-tech to have if you invest in luxurious or high-performance skincare and wish to make the most of them because microcurrent and T-sonic pulsation will help your products penetrate deeper into the skin dermis where they can be more effective. Buy the BEAR device here and use code EWASB10 for a 10% discount.

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