Wear red lipstick with ease.

Ever felt like red lipstick looks good on everybody else but not on you? Then this post is for you because I will show you how to wear red lipstick with ease and feel great in it. 💋

Red lipstick and black dress who was I trying to impress?

I remember the day I applied red lipstick for the first time like it was yesterday. It must have been a traumatic experience. I was about 21, I had a stunning black cocktail dress on and I have no idea what was the occasion but I can remember that I felt that first walked in my lips and then the rest. I was wearing red lipstick for the first time.

Red siuts you, trust me.

I created a one minute video where I’m sharing my simple tips to get used to wearing red lipstick. If you have never worn red before it can feel like it doesn’t suit you when you look at your lips with red lipstick on. You look hot in it, trust me. We just need to teach you how to harness it. Watch the video to learn a couple of simple tricks to wear red with confidence.

Top tips to wear read with ease.

  • Fristly, even out your skin with a bit of bb cream or foundation otherwishe red lipstik will visually enhance that redness. Simply put red looks elegant when your complexion looks more flawless.
  • Secondly, hydrate your lips with a lip balm a few minutes beofre you apply your lipstick.
  • Skip the lip liner because it’s best for bold and well defind red lip looks
  • Use your finger and rub it agains your lipstick to pick up some of it on the tip of your finger, then pat gentaly over your lips. This technique gives you more difused colour and delicate finish. The colour isn’t as deep and opec as when you apply your lipstick from a bulet.

You might find that after a week of wearing your red using the patting technique you will start adding more of it as you start getting used to the way you look with red on. I feel that patting red lipstick on is a game-changer and a fantastic way to wear red daily.

I’m using in lipstick Red Carpet Red from Charlotte Tilbury, one of my favourite red tones.

Share your favourite red lipstick in the comments.

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