Last Month Retrospective – Collecting moments in December.

Cambridge botanical gardens.

December 2021 was one of my favourite December in years.

I embraced the Christmas spirit and focused on collecting moments with people I love. You know who you are :) People who are fundamental in my life.

A change of scene can be like a breath of fresh air for your mind and soul. It was December where I enjoyed the winter walks and stopping in for food to warm up. I took time to explore with the people I love.

I spend a long weekend with Sophie in Cambridge at the beginning of December. It was my first visit to this real-life Hogwarts, and I enjoyed every second of it. The trip made of long walks, chats and full of cups of earl grey and delicious food made me realise how therapeutic a new environment is for our wellbeing. When I returned home, I felt like I was away for a week.

December was, for me, a month of moments, and I believe that’s what made it great.

We loved our dinner on the first night. That’s when we swapped tea to cocktails. Other than that, we loved breakfast at the Espresso Library. It was delicious, healthy and well priced so if you are in Cambridge you should check them out.

A month of moments to look back and look ahead.

This month I also looked back and what I’ve achieved this year and took a good look at the goals I set for myself. It wasn’t ab easy year. For nine months of the year, I lived in temporary accommodation from the family home, hotels to a friends place. I’m grateful for all of them but, it has tested me in many ways. I never felt so thankful for my routines and the hard work I’ve done on myself to build habits that help me build a life I desire.
It was a year where I could see how FOCUS keeps me moving towards my dreams. I believe it also kept me sane. :)

I’m stepping into the New Year with hope and excitement. I chose FOCUS to be my word for the year. I know I’m already focused, and I often revisit my bucket list which helped me achieve most of my goals and finish the year with a sense of satisfaction. However, I wanted FOCUS to be at the front of my mind because I genuinely felt its power this year, and I’m curious what is possible if I focus even more.

Tell me, what have you accomplished last year? Do you have a focus for 2022?

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