A little thoughtful thing.

Thoughtful Christmas gifts ideas that don't break the bank.

Thoughtful Christmas gifts that don’t break the bank balance are hard-won. But the intention that goes to finding them encapsulates the essence of Christmas. Yet, it doesn’t make it easy to see them in the commercial pre-Christmas extravaganza because there is something shinier and pricey always in front of our eyes. I want to show that I appreciate everyone who’s getting a present, no matter how small it might be, so each year, I go on a quest searching for a perfect gift.

Christmas to me is time with friends and family, watching movies on repeat and sitting in front of the fire. I want to stop the wheel of productivity. The only task for Christmas is to fill my heart with love. I don’t like the stress of Christmas shopping, and I doubt you’d crave it too. So today, I will share some of my perfect thoughtful little gifts.

Make it personal.

Myri London Silver Heart Pendant with engraving and birth stone.

The personalised pendant with a birthstone was one of the press gifts that arrived on my table—the beautiful finish and quality of the engraving. I love personalised gifts because they truly show you were thoughtful and that you didn’t buy them last minute. This silver heart pendant also comes with a birthstone, which I was able to choose. On the Engravers Guild website, you can select the type of pendant, birthstone and engraving. But you can also find a selection of gifts for him. Go and have a good look at the website it is full of ideas for thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Silver heart pendant with Swarovski birthstone by Engravers Guild

Make it useful

Aspinal London, refillable notebook.

I’m getting a couple of personalised notebooks for people close to me so they can write down their grand plans. I know they will fill the blank pages with thoughts and feelings and grow in the process, and I want to see them flourish. There is a power in writing, so it should be encouraged.

Make it sensorial.

Elemental Herbology Home Diffuser.

I love receiving home scents, diffusers, or candles because they make a space a home but often feel like a splurge, so I feel a little guilty buying them for myself. I haven’t yet come across a person who wouldn’t love this kind of a gift either. My favourites include Ture Grance or Jo Malone, but my recent love is Elemental Herbology home diffuser because it brings a smell of a SPA to my home. Made with essential oils; it also brings calmness to the body and mind. I adore my current diffuser and all the body products I’m using right now. Make sure to use code SOCIALBAUTIFY at checkout when you shop on the Elemental Herbology website for 20% off.

Make it yourself.

One year I made for everyone homemade cookies and decorated them with dark chocolate and enable gold. Hand made and hand-packed in little red boxes, they were received with big smiles. My smile was even greater when my mother sent me the giant box of cookies last Christmas, and I asked my parents for Christmas cookies again this year. Making cookies, jams, or knitted gloves is a grind but a saviour if you have a full house this Christmas and many gifts to prepare.

Happy Christmas shopping.

Ewa x

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