In-depth review of new FOREO Imagination mask.

FOREO Imagination mask base and recipe book lying on the kitchen top together with fresh berries for mixing.

FOREO Imagination is a first of its kind mask created for use with fresh ingredients from your kitchen. Its core purpose is to make your organic ingredients effective by creating an ultra-hydrating base that helps deliver actives deeper into the skin.

There is no product like this on the market, so keep reading because no matter if you love DIY masks or prefer salon facials, there might be a hidden benefit for you, whatever your ‘masking’ preferences are.

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Woman smiling holding FOREO Imagination mask tube in one hand and a bowl with a DIY face mask in the other. There is a face mask on her face.
Keep reading to see what I’ve ‘cooked’ here using FOREO Imagaination mask.

What is the FOREO Imagination mask, and how to use it? 

It’s a silky smooth and ultra-hydrating base for your homemade mask. FOREO’S Triple Infusion Complex empowers active vitamins and minerals to penetrate deep into the dermis. The FOREO Imagination DIY mask base unlocks the potential of your fresh ingredients.

A teaspoon of FOREO Imagination DIY mask base.
A teaspoon of FOREO Imagination mask mixed with fresh berries and lemon.

The texture on its own is quite rich but blends smoothly onto the skin and doesn’t feel greasy. When mixed with fresh ingredients, it becomes more liquid but still comfortable for application. Blended ingredients only can feel runny and be tricky to apply to the skin.

Blending FOREO Imagination base mask on the skin.

The facts about the formula of the new FOREO Imagination DIY mask:

  • It contains three ingredients that help to enhance the absorption of the actives. Ester, Linoleic Acid and Propylene Glycol. Enhanced absorption, to me, is the most essential feature of this mask as our skin is designed to stop anything going through it to our body and bloodstream. (I’ll come back to this later when talking about my experience.) 
  • The mask is highly hydrating thanks to Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium PCA, which prevents cells from losing water and drying out. 
  • It is soothing thanks to Phospholipids which protect the skin from drying out, Vitamin B and Allantoin. 
  • The mask is also antioxidant-rich and contains Squalane and Vitamin E, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and Squalane. 

In addition, this is also a vegan and cruelty-free product that has been dermatologically tested. For anyone who suffers from irritation, this product is also fragrance-free.

Mask comes in a tube which is 100ml, and you can use it for six months after opening.

How to use your FOREO Imagination?  

All you need is your Imagination, your favourite fresh ingredients, and a bowl to blend it.

Some FOREO Imagination mask squeezed to a tea spoon.

There are three steps to making your perfect mask.

Firstly, you have to imagine it.
Secondly, mix your favourite ingredients with a teaspoon of FOREO Imagination DIY mask.
Thirdly, apply evenly over the skin. I suggest using FOREO’s Skincare Applicator or a mask applicator you might have at home. I used my fingers the first time, and it was a lot trickier than when I used a mask applicator.

The FOREO Imagination makes the fresh ingredients bond together into a smoother paste, so it’s a lot easier to apply than if you try to mix just the fruits by themselves.

FOREO Imagination mask tube and the bowl with a mixed DIY mask standing on the kitchen top.

My FOREO Imagination recipe. 

Woman in the kitchen mixing her FOREO Imagination mask base with fresh fruits.
Minxing my FOREO Imagination DIY mask.

I chose to make a fruit mask that I could use in the morning to brighten up my skin. I also wanted something that would smell delicious.

To make my mask, I used a few raspberries, some blueberries and a tiny bit of lemon juice and, of course, the magic ingredient: a teaspoon of FOREO Imagination DIY mask.

I blended it all together, and it was ready to use in a couple of minutes.

However, you can use the FOREO Imagination mask all by itself if you want too.

Woman applying FOREO Imagination mask base to the face.
Trying the mask just by itself and it’s still deeply hydrating and soothing for the skin.
Side to side FOREO Imagination base and base with fruits mixed in.
One side trying just the FOREO Imagination mask base and one with my DIY mask using FOREO’s Imagination mask.

My experience of using FOREO Imagination. 

Firstly, I never was a DIY mask person. There were two significant reasons for this.

Science was the first. I understood that our skin is designed to protect us from anything getting into it so, unless the ingredient undergoes extraction, purification etc., without a specific delivery system, not much is happening when we put squashed fruits or veg on the skin, and when it comes to things like this, I’m mostly a result-driven person. Lack of effective absorption was the main reason I never felt drawn to making a DIY mask at home.

Secondly, even though I love good food, I’m a good cook and eat homemade meals most of the time; I don’t enjoy cooking. Making a home DIY mask for me was too close to cooking, and I didn’t see it as a therapeutic, relaxing exercise.

Woman in the kitchen blending her DIY mask using FOREO Imagination.

The ZEN factor. 

When playing with the FOREO’s Imagination DIY mask, I found that it had a relaxing effect. It was the fact of being present in the moment and just enjoying simple creativity that I enjoyed the most. I can now see how making a home DIY mask can be like mediation and fit into your lifestyle as a mindful experience, particularly if you can’t have a bath at home where you could lie, relax, read a book, and drink a cup of herbal tea. You need to be creative and find other ways to pause, escape and have a moment for yourself.

I also felt that FOREO’s Imagination mask, which enhances the absorption of all the active ingredients from my fresh fruits, made me feel better about giving it a go. And when I finally put my mask on the skin, I loved the smell of fresh fruits.

Despite being a fan of the FOREO UFO2 mask, I have to eat my words and admit that I can see how this product fills a gap on the market. I can see you reaching for it; you want to do something good for your skin and mind. I also like that it helps us be more sustainable. You can eat your fruits or veggies and use the rest for the mask. It sounds like this could be a product that is good for the skin, mind and the planet.

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