Storie di Seta – A new scent collection inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo’s iconic silk patterns


With travel restrictions, perhaps the way to transport ourselves to far away and exotic destinations is by engaging all the senses with fragrance and playfulness. 

Sitting in the flower garden, I’d like to show you the new Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance collection. Each essence stands alone while also becoming part of a new narrative centred on layering and customisation.

First, I’m bringing you GIARDINI DI SETA, a floral fruity essence with juicy vibrations of crunchy red fruits diving into bright musk. Like an artistic bouquet, the fragrance opens with the sweet and sour freshness of Rhubarb, then unveiling a red and pink heart of Sakura Flower enriched by the warm, woody notes of Madagascar Vetiver.

To me, Giardini Di Seta is playful and young. It has that happy feeling to it. I reach for Giardini di Seta when I want to feel feminine but fun and live unscripted.


GIUNGLE DI SETA; that’s the next fragrance in the collection. As mentioned each Ferragamo essence stands alone and smells beautiful but you have full freedom of mixing them up to create your unique identity scent.

GIUNGLE DI SETA is an intense floral green blend in which vapours of wild green freshness float above a pure deep woodiness to exude the refreshing burst of exotic flora. The positive, crispy twist of Green Pea contrasts with the velvety transparency of Peony Blossoms, brightened by the luminous soul of Musk.

Since I can remember I was always attracted to fragrance with Musk but later on in life, I also discovered that I love when there is Peony Blossom in the fragrance. So when I saw this combination I knew Giungle Di Seta would be irresistible.


This Ferragamo fragrance awakens the inner explorer in me. Oh, how I wish I could pack my suitcase and jet off for a long adventure. For now, I’m on a sensory journey.

SAVANE DI SETA is a sensual citrus floral jus that blends into a sophisticated cologne structure with an exotic twist. An impromptu and surprising Carrot Seed Accord leads to the powdery notes of the Orris floral heart, softened by the creamy, milky undertones of Indian Sandalwood.

This scent surprised me the most and I love wearing it solo or as a core base to all my mixtures.

You can wear those four ready-to-wear perfumes alone or layered with one or more scents from the collection for a unique bespoke experience. In addition, the collection includes four Eau de parfum fragrances, defined by four distinctive colours, with four ornate designs taking inspiration from Salvatore Ferragamo textiles.


Let’s sit by the ocean and enjoy the fresh breeze. 🌊🌊 

Ferragamo developed this range to bring you an evocative, inventive and multi-faceted experience that engages all the senses while transporting you to landscapes inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo’s iconic silk creations.

OCEANI DI SETA is a vigorous floral aqueous creation with intriguing chiaroscuro contrasts. As a fresh, crystallized top Salty Accord recalls the vibrant waves of the ocean, the sprinkling of Magnolia petals creates a pure, airy and lush heart sublimed by the soft notes of Heliotrope.

Those are truly beautiful alone and with any combination you desire. I’ve enjoyed wearing them along and mixing them up.

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