Retrospective – June.

I missed the sun and hot weather because with summer weather come togetherness and a different alone time.

Last year when the weather turned hot in London I booked myself and my friend to a Lido in North London. She’s been in my bubble pretty much from the start of the pandemic. So as soon as the weather forecast predicted temperatures in the mid to high twenties I knew I want to go again. I didn’t have to convince my friend, she’s always up for fun activities. This was the second year we went together and decided that from now on, we will go every year when the summer comes to London.

The best part, it’s accessible as tickets are less than £5, so as long as you are in London and organised to book your tickets in advance you have no excuse to miss out on the fun.

Self love

Woman lying with during facial having hydrating oxygen mask on.
Last part of the hydra facial, the oxygen mask.

I took time to take care of my skin and wellbeing in a way I wasn’t able to for over a year. I think the healing had benefits not only to my skin but my mind too.

I tried hydra facial, as I’ve heard a lot about it and I wanted to give my skin a full TLC. You can read more about it in the blog I wrote over here.

Hone, sweet home.

In June I could fully embrace London again. I moved out from my place last year and after moving around for a bit I spend the last lockdown with my sister. Then work picked up and in April and May, I had to be in London daily. Mostly staying in the hotel, which is fun until you fancy home-cooked dinner. This month I got an upgrade to a room at my friend’s house, which made looking for my new place a lot easier.

Let’s get togehter and feel allright!

I spent some time with my friend Dominique too. I saw her the very last day before November lockdown so it was lovely to see her again and spend together a few days in a relaxed atmosphere.

We definitely dressed up for the occasion. But it was to be expected as Dominique runs a brand that sells pre-loved designer clothes. She’s been in the fashion industry for years and truly knows her stuff. I bought a few pieces from her myself. I don’t think this was the last time either. If you’d like to invest in great quality pieces, but don’t want to pay the price of a new and you want to be more sustainable, you know #wearitmorethanonce, you should give her brand a follow.

Together with my friend Dominique from @prelovedstylehq

Dominique, glamorous as ever!!

I’m wearing here John Rocha dress, which I bought from Dominique. Oh, and the Zara slip-on shoes too.

How was your June like?

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