Hydra facial, and is the course better than one?

Beautiful woman standing on the Golden Jubilee bridge smiling.  Image by Sam Ford.

If you are looking to purify, deeply clean your skin and bring back smoothness and glow, hydra facial is the right facial for you. Most salons recommend a course of treatments rather than one. Because of this, I decided to go for three and see if the results will genuinely make the difference to the skin or only my bank balance.

What can you expect from a hydro facial? 

Woman in the salon having hydro facial.

Some treatments might vary a little because there are various machines and products, plus salons might introduce additional steps to make it unique. Nevertheless, the principle and some steps are the same.

In principle, it’s a deep cleansing facial that will purify, smooth and brighten your skin.

The hydra facial experience at Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio in Chiswick. 

The core of the treatment is where the beautician uses the suction device and hydro solutions to clean your skin deeply. There are three different kinds of solutions, and overall about nine steps to the facial.  

The First step, which your beautician performs on a cleansed skin.

Solution with Medelic Acid it helps to dissolve dirt. 

The Second Step is a solution with Salicylic Acid. This step is fantastic for a T-Zone but can be used all over if you have very oily skin. 

The Third Step is Glycolic peel or another type of gentle fruit acid peel. This step helps to brighten the skin but also loosen dead skin cells on your skin surface. 

The Fourth Step is a serum with Vitamin C. 

The Fith Step is Mesoporation, a technique for deeper and faster penetration of active ingredients of low molecular weight. During this particular treatment, the beautician uses needleless Mesoporation, so no need to worry. This device is using a delicate electric current to help push the product deeper into the skin. It’s like a gym for your face. 


The Sixth Step. This time your beautician will use the hyaluronic acid solution, which profoundly hydrates your skin and at the same time still use the device which is collecting all the dirt from your skin. 

At Dorota’s Lifestyle, the Seventh Step in the hydro facial is gentle microdermabrasion. It’s an effective way of smoothing the skin after all the solutions, and the peel loosens the dead skin cells. It’s performed lightly so your skin won’t be red or irritated for more than 15 minutes. 

Lastly, you will be treated with an oxygen facial mask and moisturiser. 

Woman lying with during facial having hydrating oxygen mask on.
Last part of the hydra facial, the oxygen mask.

The results 1, 2 and 3. 

Post hydra facial skin. Beautiful woman in a white shirt.

You will leave the salon with much brighter and a lot smoother skin. Yes, you will have visible results after only one treatment. After a year in lockdown and no facials, I have noticed a significant improvement after just one hydra facial. 

So, is it worth investing in a course? 

Hell yes!! 

Glowing skin post hydra facial. Golden Jubilee bridge.

I wanted to make sure my skin stays that way, but I also wanted to find out if it is worth investing in this pricy hydra facial. Without a doubt, my skin stayed looking smooth and bright after my second facial. I had fewer breakouts, and a couple that I had on my neck and were not healing for months disappeared. After the third, my skin looked so fresh, smooth and supple, like I couldn’t remember for a long time. 

Investing in at least three rather than one makes sense both financially and result wise, but one is better than none. 

I will be back for more, and with Dorota and her team being always fun and caring, I quickly became a regular at her salon, even though I don’t live in Chiswick anymore. 

AD: I received my first facial as a press appointment and a press discount for the rest. Since I have been back at Dorota’s Lifestyle studio for more.

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