Cult 51 skincare review.

Cult 51 skincare bottle of serum and night cream lying on the grey surface with a box of cult 51 night cream next to it.

Cult 51 skincare, clinically proven claims to provide immediate results and to go beyond anti-ageing. Cult 51 sent me to test their serum and moisturiser, and I did this with curiosity. The brand products have many clinical claims to their name, and they are not shy to shut about them. Slogans like ‘3D skincare’, ‘immediate results’ and ‘skincare that goes beyond anti-ageing are written all over the packaging. Even after a decade in the beauty industry, I wasn’t clear what it means, so testing Cult 51 felt like a good idea. 

The consistency. 

I tested serum and the night cream, and both products had a light but not too watery texture. Not sticky, and both are well absorbing. If I had to pick one product, I would prefer the serum for its lovely texture. 

I had a small 20ml pot of a night cream to try, which I found discounted by £10 from £50 to £40 at Look Fantastic here, so if you want to try it but are not ready to spend over £125 for a 50ml, grab the small while the offer lasts.

The Hydration. 

When it comes to hydration, I will describe it as a medium level. My skin felt a lot better when I used the products twice a day. I had only serum and the night cream, so technically, I could use the serum twice a day and the night cream once. 

The Fragrance 

The serum had no particular smell to it when applied to the skin. 

The cream, however, had a pretty distinctive and unusual smell. Quite woody, or I’d describe it as dried tobacco smell. Pleasant but quite strong for a night cream. 

Cult 51 skincare review – The Results. 

I have to agree that the skin felt smooth and looked rested. I could notice those results the following day, and my skin stayed looking smooth for the day. The skin also looked tight or plumped, which gave it refreshed look and a more youthful appearance. I can’t voice my opinion on deep lines or wrinkles. Firstly, I only have some fine lines. Secondly, I believe one has to be realistic about how much cream can help with lines. 

Overall, I think both products were good, and they are definitely for a conscious skincare user. If you clear on the results you’d like to achieve and are happy to invest in specific, science-driven skincare that often comes with a higher price tag but delivers satisfying results, you might want to check Cult 51 Skincare. 

Despite seeing satisfying results, I have to point out some marketing slogans I’ve noticed on the packaging, which slightly rub on me. 

I yet to be educated about what does ‘goes beyond anti-ageing means or 3D skincare should mean? What results does 3D skincare provide that all the other skincare doesn’t. How is 3D skincare different to begin with? Those slogans always make me feel like brand use them, believing that most people would grab just something that sounds like it’s sophisticated without giving it a split second to think what slogans mean in terms of results they provide. 

Cult 51 skincare is a solid competitor to many established brands out there. Clearly described results and proof of the clinical test would be adequate to entice customers to try the products—no need for marketing gimmicks. 

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