Growing long hair. What I’m using to for full and healthy-looking hair.

Growing hair long again. Woman waring pink sweatshirt is happy with the results she got after taking hair supplements and hair treatments for a few months.

I decided to grow my hair long again, but this time I want luscious locks like I used to have years ago.

I focused on three areas:

  • the hair,
  • the scalp
  • and the support from the inside.

While growing my hair this time, I wanted to take more care. I wash my hair frequently because I work out, and I never had a habit of taking much care of my locks. I had to adopt a new routine.

The help from the inside. 

Hairgain tablets in hand.

I invested in supplements. I’m last to use my looks to promote supplements, but I took Hairgain for three months. I don’t think you can see results faster, even though the brand has clinical claims to prove results in 30 days.

I’m happy to add one supplement to support my hair because any other supplements I take were prescribed for me by Dr John Tsegaris, so I’m not self-medicating.
If you are good with routines and can stay consistent when taking supplements, I think it could be beneficial.

The Hairgain Gummies for hair.
Hair Gain developed its products to feed your follicles. Hair Gummies was the latest launch and came right when I was starting to grow my hair. I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it. They are a great choice if you hate tablets. Hairgain Gummies don’t contain artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

I can’t say I saw growth or thickness in 30 days. I don’t think this is long enough, considering how long it takes for the hair to grow. However, I had noticed a lot less fallout when I was washing my hair.

Three months later, I have plenty of baby hair all around the hairline—a good enough result for me to order a next three months supply. The first dose was a press sample. After finishing my gummies, I was taking the tablets. They have pricelessly the same formula. I liked the gummies, but for my convenience, I will stick with pills.

You can grab them from Cult Beauty, some salons and spas and of course from

The hair oils for shiny locks right to the tip. 

For the first time, I decided to regularly use a hair treatment product to nourish and hydrate my hair so that it’s looking shiny when it grows. To keep my hair hydrated, prevent it from breaking and snapping when I wash or brush it. I chose Lenor Geryl Oil, a pre-wash treatment that Charlotte from Charlotte’s London recommended to me. You can read about my visit to her salon here. The oil is divine, and I use it religiously.

Because the oil hardens at a temperature below 25 degrees Celcius, it’s not messy once on your hair.
I use it at night and sleep in it. However, if you prefer, you can only put it on for an hour before washing your hair.
Every time I use it, I notice a difference in how my hair looks and feels for the next few washes. The oil works wonders to protect your hair from salty and pool water, and sunshine too.

The Audrey Hepburn trick. 

The next step was to use a hair mask. In the past, I never was consistent when using any of those types of products; as a result, I haven’t seen significant improvement in the condition of my hair.
I received a new limited edition Elistecizer from Philip Kingsley, which I must say was a perfectly timed press gift. Philip Kingsley created this product initially for Audrey Hepburn to help her take care of her hair.
If it was good for her, it’s good for me.

You should use it before you wash your hair because the Elisticizer helps to add moisture to your hair. Well, moisturised hair has more elasticity, enabling it to stretch under the weight of water without snapping. It turns out that the mask is making a significant difference to my hair as I wash it so frequently.

Finally, I also believe that scalp health is also essential, and I try to take good care of it. Bottom line, the consistency and cohesive approach made the difference.

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