Shopping for sports shoes.

When I first took up running, I started with what I had.

A couple of sports bras, a pair of lifestyle shorts, a simple T-shirt, and regular training shoes.

I bought my first gear when I knew I developed a habit, and I will continue to run regularly. Shoes were the first to get the upgrade because they are the most important part for a runner.

My new pairs are 1000x better because I’ve learned what to look out for.

I will share how I chose my running shoes and what to look out for.

I will link to some of my favourite items.

I have those three principles in mind!

  • My maximum budget. (Pro gear can get expensive, and it’s easy to get carried away).
  • The aspects I don’t want to compromise on.
  • The research. This is both talking to people who have tried what I’m about to by or to read up about the brand and the

Buying online can help you make a better choice.

There are running-inspired shoes, so they look like running trainers but are suitable for work walking around only. They are often pretty and a lot cheaper than a pair that has all the specks you need to run safely.

I spent more time researching and checking for the technical aspect to ensure my gear is going to give me maximum comfort and performance.

I chose Adidas because my average run is around 8k and the products had great reviews among long-distance runners.


I found them still available and with some discount.

This is a great pair that would be suitable for most of the year. Those are for city running, so for hard surface. I love how soft they feel and, at the same time, how well they support the foot. I found them still available and even with a discount over here.


My favourite summer running pair.

This pair changed my running experience!

Also, for running on a hard surface. Soft, light perfect for summer running. I found the same model available in white.

Shop Other recommendations.

A little cheaper running pair from Adidas.

Here is another pair, this a little cheaper but still from a running range and perfect for city running.

Another fabulous brand for serious runners.

Asics, anther fabulous brand for serious runners. Those trainers are technical too and perform very well if you are a frequent runner. You can grab them here. Most sizes are still available.

From Nike, a pair to show off your sense of style and running skills.

The Nike pair brings both the latest design trend and technical support. Show off your sense of style, be fashionable when running the city but don’t compromise on the performance. You can find it here.

I will come back with and tell you how I shop for my sports clothes soon.

Ewa x

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