Last month… November


November by far felt like the longest and gloomiest month this year. I found it difficult to stay focused. I was impatient with stuff. At the same time I pushed myself to search for pretty little things everywhere around. I also managed to spend a lovely few days at the start of the month with a couple of close friends before we went into lockdown again.

I tried to squeeze in as many long weekend walks as possible to feel recharged by the sunshine.

I made the most of the sunny days. Sometimes escaping for my lunchtime walk a little earlier than usual or maybe staying out a little longer.

I had quite a few lazy mornings and breakfasts in bed, which felt like a nice change. I still use my EVY products. The Daily Repair Mousse is perfect for any skin type even the most sensitive and works wonders on slightly sensitised skin.
London in the morning
London the day before the second lockdown still felt fairly normal. But I absorbed every minute of normality, but little did I know how long this month would feel compared to the rest of the year.

This month was for me about letting go of expectations and control. Expectations mostly towards myself.

Tell me about your November.

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