Christmas gifts. The minimal guide.

This year I wanted to support small, family-run businesses. In our family, we very rarely splash out at Christmas. We keep gifts to a minimum. No lavishness or craziness. I do love giving thoughtful gifts though. There aren’t many on the list this year, but today I want to share a few I selected hoping to gift something lovely and focus on brands to which making a sale this Christmas can mean to be there next year too.

TREDNDHIM for mans accessories

I wanted to support more startups and emerging brands this year. Or simply companies that might be less known to the UK market so TREDHIM fitted in well. Approached by a TRENDHIM I agreed to check out their products and service.

Trendhim designs quality men’s accessories that are fashionable and affordable. Currently, they have 13 brands in their portfolio launching several collections a year.

They had the craziest collection of scarves. I settled for simplicity, as you know I don’t like to overcomplicate things. :) You can find all the selection of small gifts to help your man show off his style over here.

For moments of calm I’m sharing my favourite tea.

I’ve been drinking Miss TeaSmith teas for a couple of years now. My first tin was a gift from Uma, a woman whom I met in the female business club of which I was a member. Uma owns Miss TeaSmith and makes wonderful tea blends made from Sri Lankan’s tea. She puts sustainability and welfare of women who pick the tea at the core of her business. Since that first tea I had many more, and my favourite is Dark Romance, a dark tea blend with mint and cocoa shells. My next on the list is Empa-Tea, which is a lemongrass and ginger infusion. This year I am getting some for my mum. You can grab a tin for someone who deserves a moment of calm too. Uma has given me a discount code for you to use. You will receive 20% off your order with the code TeaStories20%OFF. I know it’ll make a difference to her new business :).

Elemental Herbology to create at home spa.

Elemental Herbology has a variety of products for face, body and self-care. I find it easy to find something to gift, even if I don’t know about the skin preferences. With most of the travel still on hold and many of my friends spending long evenings at home I thought I can find at Elemental Herbology plenty of products that will help them create SPA at home. Bath and Body products are nearly always a spot on. I got for myself the muscle melt and LOVE it, now no it’ll become my go-to gift to all my sporty friends because I know they will love it post-workout as much as I do to relax tired muscles.

Since I worked with the brand a few times in the past, Elemental Herbology has given me a 20% discount for you. Simply use code SOCIALBEAUTIFY at the checkout.

Something shiny.

I love buying jewellery for others, for myself and love receiving it too. I enjoy getting it for people I know well. I think when you see the right piece you know. The other week I showed you my new chain form Mijuri. Today, I’d like to introduce you to an independent businesses that produce fine jewellery. Check out CANTIK BY CAMILLA.

Where do you love shopping for gifts?

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