How to look youthful with bolder looks. Makeup over 40.

Ewa Pietreniuk wearing bolder makeup look in brown and beige shades to enhance and keep the fresh face.

Makeup should be fun and there are days that a slick of lipstick can lift my spirit. So even though most days I keep my makeup minimal and natural I wanted to share with you tips on how to create beautiful enhanced looks and keep that youthful look. Makeup after 40 isn’t that different than at any other age, however, certain mistakes are less forgiving at some point in life.

Makeup can take years off and it can make you look 10 years older, regardless of age, if you do it wrong. Here are my top tips for anyone with any makeup skills that will help you achieve the pro level in no time.

Makeup over 40 top tips.

Soft lines will always be more forgiving.

Use a blending brush to apply and blend your eyeshadow because its bristles are long and soft it is impossible to create harsh lines. Soft blended lines and gentile transitions between the shades of your eyeshadows will always look softer. This application technic is what creates those mesmerising red carpet looks.

Makeup over 40, how to look youthful and fresh faced>

Use quality products.

Less is more both when it comes to the quantity of the product on your skin and the number of items you will use. I wish it wasn’t true but so far most products that have dreamy textures come with a premium price tag. Choose wisely what products you need to create a full look so that you can invest in items that are quality. You want to see the pigment on the skin, but without seeing the product itself.

Some of my favourite brands for colour cosmetics are Charlotte Tilbury, Armani Beauty, Chantecaille.

Skip an eyeliner.

Skip your eyeliner and frame your eyes with a dark eyeshadow instead. This isn’t a must but if I was to compare the look. I always look younger when I skip it. I like to use dark eyeshadow and smudge a thick layer close to my lash line to frame my eyes. If I choose to use eyeliner I only use one and light coloured eyeshadow.

Even out your complexion.

As we age the skin becomes sallow and sometimes you might notice pigmentation too. Skin discolourations can add years to your perceived age so even out your skin with a BB cream or a Foundation.

Slight dewy finish always looks more youthful than mat. As we age less is more too. More mature skin dyhadrates faster so sheer and hydrating formulas tend to look better.

My go-to products are BB Cream and CC Cream from Erboraian. I also like Filorga SPF30 fluid. My current foundation is Everlasting Fluid from Clarins.

Use a lipstick shade darker than your lips.

Nude lips don’t have to mean sick looking lips. Very pale neutral shades don’t suit many, trust me. A sexy nude is a shade that is like your lips but better. It’s a mix between pink and a tad of brown. It’s like a dusty pink. A good place to start is a lipstick that is a shade darker than your lips. I would always go for sheer or glossy finish first. However, I do love matt finish in Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.


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Chantecaille Tea Rose

On this picture I’m wearing Chanticaille Lipstick in Tea Rose

Burberry Blush.

Burberry Blush

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

I’m wearing sheer Pillow Talk on all those photos.

Makeup over 40 isn’t supposed to change drastically to what you have been doing before. You’re supposed to get brutally honest with yourself. Dich the pale pink lipstick and simply invest in learning what complements your features rather than chase the latest trend. But if you would like some more tips, check my blog where are shared PRO makeup tips for a red carpet look.

Those were some of my simple tricks to beautiful, enhanced look yet youthful face. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything important.

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