Do you even remember how it feels to have soft hair?

Nearly two months later and I’m still using shampoo prescribed by Charlotte and my scalp feels less irritated.

Last month I went to see Charlotte from Charlotte’s London. She’s been following my profile for a while, and one night we started chatting about all beauty, hair care and all things weekend. In the end, Charlotte invited me to her privet salon in the heart of London to have a hair treatment. It was the lushest hair treatment I ever had.  

My hair right after the treatment.

I always wanted to try a salon deep conditioning hair treatment, but despite blogging for nearly a decade now, I haven’t done it. So when Charlotte indicted me to her salon I was very excited and even though writing about it wasn’t part of the deal, I wanted to share the experience with you.

Looking good already, :)

Is this a treatment for you? 

If you killed your hair with hot appliances or colouring, it’s a must!! If you have gorgeous locks and want to keep them in the best condition I would also seriously think about it. For over £100 a treatment it is a treat but one that if you can afford it, you should try at least once.

Scalp health and hair health are two different things. 

Charlotte started by asking me what I thought I was needing to feel I’m giving my hair best care. Next, she explained what she felt my hair and scalp needs were. 

Charlotte approached my treatment from a perspective of scalp health and separately hair condition. I LOVED that!! I was aware that’s what I needed, but this was the first time anyone has addressed that and treated accordingly. 

The treatment

So she started treating my hair with various mixtures of Leonor Greyl PARIS. products. We chatted more about the hair, Charlotte’s experience in the beauty industry and her passion for a hair transformation. Check her Instagram; don’t take my word for it.  

When we finished, my hair had the most incredible bounce and shine. I haven’t felt this sensation for years. 

Educated by Charlotte, I decided to make small changes to my haircare routine. I also bought a shampoo from the brand she used, because I wanted to keep the results for as long as it was possible. Nearly two months later and I’m sure I’d be back for more products. 

Charlotte, thank you so much for having me. I truly loved the experience and I hope to see you soon. Plus I need to come back for my hair treatment as you prescribed me. 

The products. – Leonor Greyl Paris.

The story of Leonor Greyl begins with the meeting of two passionate human beings: Leonor, a hair care and beauty fanatic, and Jean-Marie, an engineer and very keen botanist. Together, they share a common desire: creating natural hair care products long before the ‘bio’ trend became a hit.

Thus, as the couple met in 1968, they clicked. Plants hold no secrets for Jean-Marie Greyl, who also has a degree in galenics. The idea of creating hair care products using plants and natural ingredients, not a mainstream practice at that time, catches on, and so the Leonor Greyl line was born.

*Leonor Greyl official site.

I felt like Charlotte’s choice of products for the treatment and for my everyday use was spot on. These products helped my hair to feel softer and shine brighter.

If you have a scalp or hair care related dilemma, go over to Charlotte’s Instagram and say hello. She’d be thrilled to chat with you. She has not only been in the business for years and worked with some of the biggest cosmetic brands but is friendly, and passionate about helping you get your locks looking gorges to bring your confidence back.

My hair was dehydrated so Charlotte suggested to look for styling products that are alcohol-free.

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