UFO2 review and results. The 90-second mask.

Edited: 04/02/2022

Woman in a dressing gown holding in her hands UFO2 device.

Finally, a beauty gadget that makes your at-home skincare routine easier, faster with salon-like results. In my UFO2 review, I share why I rate it so much. Read to the end for a discount code too.


Instant results with beauty tech.

I love the fact there is not much work with this product yet you can see instant results.

UFO2 is a device that cuts down the time you do a mask at home to 90 seconds. You’d love it if you feel your skin needs a little more care than a moisturiser but never find time for sitting with a face mask on.

The gadget combines some of the latest developments in beauty technology. These are thermotherapy, which softens the skin and provides better penetration of active ingredients into the skin. Cryotherapy, which tones the skin and makes it more elastic, and the whole spectrum of LED-light, and also T-sonic pulsations, which do a relaxing and lymphatic drainage massage.

For those who still don’t know, LED light therapy works at the expense of light energy. Different colours of light have different wavelengths. Each shade penetrates into different layers of the skin, providing a different effect: from stimulating the production of collagen to the surface antibacterial effect

But if you love the holistic approach to enjoying face masks and the celebration of creating and putting masks on, check out my review of IMAGINATION by FOREO.

UFO2 review and my experience.

I tested many gadgets, and I found that the biggest downfall with most is that they require you to make more effort to use them than your skincare routine requires without them. Often you have to dedicate more time too. Beauty tech is not going anywhere though. Beauty technology is enabling us to achieve results as good at home as a few years back you could only achieve by visiting a salon.

I continue to use UFO2 by FOREO because I can in a couple of minutes add a deep hydrating mask with all the benefits the gadget provides too, like the LED light therapy and sonic pulsations. It’s easy to fit into my current lifestyle and skincare routine. I love the fact I don’t have to purposefully find the time for taking care of my skin with UFO2.

Watch the chatty video for my very first impressions. (Now, filmed a couple of years ago) Below, you will find more information about the product the masks and what I think about it now.


After using the FOREO UFO2 for a couple of years I wanted to update you on my favourite things about this gadget.

Before and After. UFO2 for instant resluts

Woman using FOREO UFO2 device. She's waring a grey dressing gown, her hair is wet and she's smiling.
I’m using FOREO UFO2 with the Make My Day mask.
Woman touching her perfectly glowing and hydrated skin post treatment with UFO2.
Post-treatment glow.

I reach for a UFO2 mask when I want to give my skin treatment as if I used multiple products but instead of it use just one. Best on those days when my skin feels under the weather and needs lightweight products but precious ingredients to wake up looking refreshed, and plumed.

My favourite time to use it is at night time with Call It A Night UFO activated mask because my skin feels deeply hydrated and I always wake up with smooth and glowing skin. In the morning I like to use Hydrating mask called Make my Day because I want my skin to look supple.

My favourite thing about this gadget is how quick it is! No mess, no fuff, it gets the job done.

The mask factor of UFO2 by Foreo

FOREO UFO2 device lying on the table top with FOREO UFO activated masks next to it. There is Call It a Night mask and Make my Day masks next to it. You can see a female hand reaching for a mask.

My favourite FOREO UFO activated masks

A close up of female hand holinig the FOREO UFO activated mask. Make my Day sachet.

FOREO offers a good choice of masks so I was able to find some that work best with my skin type, my lifestyle needs and just personal preferences.

My favourite mask is Call It A Night because I like to use my FOREO UFO2 in the evening whenever I have a relaxing bubble bath or before an important event when I want to wake up with smooth and glowing skin.

Call It A Night contains Ginseng and Olive Oil and is deeply revitalising and nourishing. It energises skin for a refreshed look and a healthy glow in the morning.

I do feel that masks although very lightweight in texture – gel-like- give visible results. This is the reason I love this mask so much because I feel I always wake up with fresh, glowing skin.

I also use the Make My Day mask. I chose it when I want extra hydration and that’s often on the days when I need my skin to look its best so I feel my best too. Occasionally, when I was naughty on a school night and didn’t get enough sleep but I want to perk up my skin and give it some more glow. This mask is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae Extract so its main benefit is hydration.

What you can expect from that mask:

  • Energizes skin for a refreshed complexion and healthy glow
  • Instantly infuses moisture into the skin, giving it the perfect amount of hydration.
  • Protects skin from harmful free-radicals with an anti-pollution barrier.

I also tried Shimmer Freak for the eyes which contain caffeine so supposed to refresh your eyes. There is nothing I can fault about it but I don’t use it as much. I feel like it’s a bit wasteful to use it just around the eyes. I then always spread it over my face, but then I feel it defeats the object of using an eye mask. As a result, I tend to stick to FOREO face masks.

UFO 2 by FOREO an Ivestment skincare.

Beauty-tech like UFO2 in my eyes falls into the category of investment skincare. I have to splash out more to get it than a jar of face mask but if I use it long term then I feel it’s worth it. I also see it as an investment in myself and a solution to age gracefully. Something we all can look forward to.

All the links to create your UFO2 routine.

You can grab the UFO2 and all the masks here. 

I also have a 10% discount code for you it’s valid on all the FOREO products. Use code EWASB10

If you have UFO2 share with me your favourite masks and settings.

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