The 90-second mask. UFO2 review and results.

Woman in a dressing gown holding in her hands UFO2 device.

Finally, a beauty gadget that makes your at-home skincare routine easier, faster with salon-like results. 

UFO2 is a device that cuts down the time you do a mask at home to 90 seconds. You’d love it if you feel your skin needs a little more care than a moisturiser but never find time for sitting with a face mask on. I

My experience with FOREO – UFO2 review

I tested many gadgets, but the biggest downfall of most is that they require you do make more effort use them. Often you have to dedicate more time too. 

UFO 2 does the opposite. So if you like me, always have the best intentions to use face masks regularly but never stick to it. You’ll love it. 

I hope you enjoy the video. 

You can grab the UFO2 Here. 

And all the masks and other products are here.

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