Scrivner for men – new from Jane Scrivner.

In spring Jane Scrivner has launched a range for men. I received a full regime and wanted to put it to test, too the delight of my flatmate :). Initially, I thought he might run away as soon as he realises there are five steps to the regime, but luckily he didn’t. 

*products were sent as a press sample.

What did you think about the number of steps when you first saw the all the Jane Scrivener products?

Not bothered about the number of steps but didn’t think there were that many steps.

What are your favourite products from the ranges now, you’ve used it for some time? 

Scrivener for men range

Hydrating gel – goes on smoothly. I use it every day and really like it.

A chemical exfoliator is another product I like. I didn’t know something like this existed. It can get a little anyone because you use the cotton pad it’s catching to facial hair so I start using hands to apply it. I like the results a lot. It made my pores invisible. 

What were your thoughts on the cleansing balm? What formulas did you use to use before? 

I used daily face wash before like a gel or exfoliator. 

I wasn’t sure at first. The consistency felt like something to moisturise my face not cleanse. I followed all the instructions and used it in the shower with the cloth provided. Skin feels good after and actually really hydrated so that’s a win too. 

Which products would you repurchase without thinking when it runs out?

Hydrator, serum and moisturiser! 

Anything you didn’t like about any of the products?

I was worried that the chemical peel will burn my skin. It’s smalls like it’ll do some damage to my skin. I think it was more about the name. I felt a lot safer to use it once you’ve explained what the ‘chemical exfoliator’ does. Results were brilliant. 

I like the idea of having the exfoliator that doesn’t use plastic microbeads. The pores look extra clean. 

Was it easy to stick to the 5 steps routine? 

Sure, but I haven’t always used all the 5 products. Dialy, I used the cleansing balm, hydrator, which I think is a bit like a serum and moisturiser. The exfoliant and the face oil I used only 2-3 times a week.

Overall, I like all the products, even those that had textures very different from those I’m used to. I even enjoyed a little bing the guinea-pig. 

If you would like to try Jane Scriver for men, you can grab the same five steps regime here.

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