Waiting for spring.

Women standing in the Red bus entrance

I’m sat in a flat all by myself, I look for the spring to come. Not the season. Life as we knew it. Now, I focus as much on the recent memories of togetherness, laughter and silliness. But I’m looking for the ice of social distancing to melt. I look forward to hugging those I love. For now, I’m grateful for a handful of close friends and my family, even over the phone. I’m thrilled to have my social community. At least more of us can appreciate that social media isn’t all bad. It’s what you make of it. So today, I share with you my last careless social memory. Maybe something you can do, when ‘the spring comes again’.

*Afternoon tea experience was a press gift.

Moments, not things. 

Over the last few years, as a company of one running my social media consulting and blog, I have spent time and effort to become more aware of my time. I always felt that 12  hours plus working days are insane. I aimed to work with focus but have a life. I wanted to create a business where I can listen to my body and what it needs and act accordingly.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still at the start of my journey, days are often long. Right now, who knows where it will go, but at least until the last month, I had the freedom to choose what I do, when and where most of the time. 

I learned the importance of deep friendships and downtime. Have some freaking fun with your friends and those who care about you.  And love more those who challenge you, be grateful for them. They are your true friends.

The carless memory

To celebrate International Women’s day I took my friend Alice, my front row woman, for an afternoon tea with a twist. It’s was hardly a month ago, we were just at the pint of feeling uneasy about the virus situation. Brigit’s Bakery does afternoon tea bus tours. Honestly, we had giggles as soon as we got on the bus. I wanted to spend that day with Alice because she has been both an inspiration and support and I want to make sure I spend quality time with all the people who matter. Being a Londoner, the bus tour afternoon tea might not be the first thing that came to my mind, but now I know I will be back. It was a fun, fabulous and informal way to experience London. 

Not bored by historical facts & figures, given a rundown of the cities top cultural and architectural greatest hits with party tunes, delicious savoury and sweet treats. Not for die-hard coffee fans (or those with a weak bladder!) but otherwise a total winner! 

The tour lasted about 1.5 hours, maybe just shy of two. It was about enough time to enjoy the food and have a quality catch up. This was the last day I went out with my friend socialising.

When a takeaway feels like a treat!

We returned home with plenty of food for lunch the following day. Gosh, it just occurred to me, the bakery might be doing a takeaway now. Not to self, to check! I never was a takeaway person, but since I don’t eat out it suddenly feels like a treat and something to spice up the week. ;)

What’s your last carless social memory? I’d love to hear what was your ‘moment’


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