HK London – hair cut experience review.

How would you feel about giving a hairdresser a free had to cut your hair as they pleased?
A bit uneasy?

* The haircuts was gifted to me as a press appointment.

I don’t blame you. I’ve hard enough horror stories and saw a few atrocious haircuts.

In spring last year I went to a local salon and I came out with an entirely different hair to what I asked for. I kind a new the risk I was taking. I haven’t cried over it. Hair will grow back. It looked decent from the front, and thanks goodness, I couldn’t see the back. However, I guess not everyone is so relaxed about it.
I learned to stick with salons know for their excellent work and choose the less experienced stylist if I want a cheaper cut.

Let the expert do what they do best!

Hair cut by Mahmet Bozdal

HK London is known for its excellent work and attracts celebrities and royalty. I figured out that I will be in safe hands. I was one lucky girl as Mahmet Bozdal was free to do my cut and that’s his speciality so I knew I’m in very good hands. ‘Dream big’, they say, so I asked for something easy to manage. Better a haircut that doesn’t require any managing at all. Wishful thinking, but the cut I received is pretty close.
I also wanted to add to my straight hair volume and have a cut that I can easily style to a little messy style also to get more volume.

When your eyes are smiling.

My eyes started smiling as soon as the haircut started gaining shape.
I loved the final result. The length was perfect. The way the new hairstyle made my hair a lot more bouncy and weightless. We even played around styling my hair in a couple of different ways. I enjoyed the incredible atmosphere and friendliness from the staff, and I know it wasn’t just for me. I saw how everyone else was treated. Many of the clients were regulars who knew the hairdressers vert well. That speaks volume, particularly in the city like London, where there is a hairdresser on every corner. Where convince often wins and where value matters.

First wash and the real test of a new haircut.

Ok, so it’s fabulous when the hairstylist jazzes up your do with his/her skilled hands, but it’s a different story when you have to do it yourself. Eyes half-closed at the crack of dawn with coffee in one hand. That’s the real test of your new haircut. Is it effortless and manageable? Will it make you sweat every morning?

I give my haircut top score and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I had a week to get used to my hair and one chance to give it a run through with styling so that I had an idea how I would style when away for Alice’s wedding in India. It only took me 10 minutes to style the hair. All I needed was a hair mousse and a pair of travel straighteners to put a few cures for a wavy effect. It worked a treat.

The aftercare.

Well, Mahmet told me off for not looking after my locks explaining that healthier hair will look more volumised and a lot smoother.

Guilty AF!

I admit that there were other priorities. I have plenty of hair masks never get round to using them. Taking good care of my hair wasn’t on my priority list. But I want to make a change. I shall try to step up my haircare game because I’d like to see my hair ina healthier condition. My hair is a little dry, and with some love and attention would gain more shine and bounce. I hope using a mask or hair oils will also help achieve smoother hair from roots to ends.

My hair had enough sun, salty and pool water to deserve some TLC. I’m also writing this seating on the 10-hour flight from Mumbai, where the air is most certainly dry too.
I need to figure out how do I incorporate it into my ‘always on the go’ nature.

I would love to go back to HK London as I loved my cut and hopefully show my hair in a much better condition.
For now, I mark 8 weeks in my calendar for when the trim is due because trimming hair regularly is a first step to growing a healthier looking hair.

Thank you HK LONDON for making my eyes smile.

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