Small habits for a big change for more energy, healthier-looking skin and piece of mind.

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The secret to seeing a big change without overwhelm is in daily habits. I wanted healthier-looking skin and body that feel rested. Also to be more mindful about my body in general. I didn’t want to feel like I run on empty so last year I adopted a few small changes to take care of my mind and body.

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Drink more & pollute less 

Small habits for a big change - drink filtered water to stay healthy and take care of the environment
Zero Water filter.

I used to underestimate the power of water, but for a few years now I drink plenty. I stopped having headaches and started sleeping a lot better. However, when I was working from home, I hardly drunk enough water. You’d think it’ll be even more natural to grab a drink at home, but I was missing a habit.

I started buying bottled mineral water last summer as I didn’t want to drink tap water with all the chlorine and everything else added to it to clean it. 

It was confident to chill and easy to grab a bottle which made me drink a lot more, but I wouldn’t say I liked the fact I was throwing so much plastic and spending money on something that I had on tap. 

Working set up with a glass or bottle of water right in front of me.

Convinately, at one of the press event, I was given a glass water bottle, so I started using it even when working from home. Having a bottle right in front of me made all the difference. 

The next step was to grab a water filter. I was sent Zero Water to test, and I haven’t looked back since. Here, in London water is very hard but of course also full of chlorine and substances used to purify it, so it’s worth putting it via some filter. The Zero Water filter is so powerful your water afterwards is as pure as bottled water. It even claims it can turn wine to water. I haven’t tried yet. That would be a wast of wine :) 

Filtrating my water and having a reusable water battel made such a massive difference to me as I feel a lot better and full of energy when I drink enough water daily. It also makes me feel a lot better about the impact I have on the environment. I know it’s only a drop in the ocean, but we all need to start somewhere. 

Make use of ‘Do not disturb’! 

I let my evening routine slip up a little over Christmas, and I felt the effects in my body. I was tired, and my sleep wasn’t as restful. Because I operate at high speed, so I have to be precious about my time and my wellbeing. Now, I avoid screens after 9 pm. I still answer some messages and might go on Social Media, mostly because they are a big part of my work so there are situations when I have to excuse the rule. However, now the rule is in place I schedule my SM time earlier in a day as much as possible. I have Do not disturb switched on since 9 pm, so I don’t hear the messages coming after that time. If i have no need to pick up my phone I might not pick them up until the next morning, but this gives me time to rest and relax and focus on things that help me slow down, so when I go to sleep I get a good night of restful sleep. Less then a week was enough to notice the difference. Now, I’m as strict on my evening routine as I am on my morning routine. The later helps me to set the tone for the day. 

Create a feel-good list.

Yep, I’m that sad. I have a lits of things (to do) that make me feel good. I review it once or twice a year. The list isn’t about being fancy or lush. It’s about simple pleasures. So when I feel overwhelmed, sad or stressed, I make sure I do one of those things.

As part of adopting small habits for a big change, I also try to schedule my life/week/days so that I can incorporate those things in my days so that there is always something that makes me feel good. 

Here are some e.g. of things on my list. 

  • Run in the sunshine
  • Go out for a coffee and cake ALONE!
  • Listen to my favourite playlist 
  • Read a book 

I should also add there to eat pizza, shouldn’t I? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then follow me on Instagram and say hello. You will soon learn. 

Take supplements.

Sugarbearhair – a supplement for hair and for women’s wellbeing.

I’m mindful about the supplements I take, which are mostly herbal or as natural as they can be. Dr John Tsagaris has recommended a few when I visited him last year and the results were superb. Later, I added a few more.  Choose supplements that help you take care of the areas of your wellbeing that matter to you most. You might need to see a specialist, spend a lot of time reading up about your symptoms and what is available first. I’m not a doctor nor a nutritionist and I seek help in the supplement department so I would recommend you do the same, but I also believe supplements can give your body amazing boost.

I take supplements for the hair. One of the best I’ve tried in the past year were from New Nordic. I had three months of supply, which were sent to me as a press sample. I noticed a huge difference after a couple of months.

Currently, I’m taking Sugarbearhair. Those are fab because they taste delicious and make taking supplements fun as they come in the form of gummies. Look this way if you hate taking pills. I’ve been only taking them for a couple of weeks so can’t comment on the results. However, they are definitely great if you looking for vegan supplements. They are also gluten-free and soy-free. I found the hair supplement on offer here, which by the way is good for both men and women. Boots also have an offer on the women’s health Subarbearhair supplements. Here you go.

Have you got any small habits that you stick to, and they make a significant impact on your wellbeing? 

Let me know in the comments. 

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