Alien by Mugler – summer seduction.

Alien by Mugler - showing bottle of Alien Mirage in hand on the background of pink flowers.
Aline Mirage by Mugler

Mugler has done it again and brought new limited Edition Aline Mirage. Alien by Mugler is a cult fragrance. So is this realise worth your attention. Available from 1st February 2020, as a Limited Edition EDT it doesn’t disappoint.

* This post contains a press sample.

What to expect from new Alien by Mugler?

Well, Alien Mirage is a mixture of ‘aquatic freshness and amber seduction.’ It somewhat feels familiar, but it has its soul at the same time. It’s light, yet the amber makes it soft and warm. Lasting. It is lasting indeed despite being an Eau de Toilette. I was surprised by how long it lingers. I can smell it on me all day long. When I picked up my jacket I could still smell Aline Mirage the next day.

With two of my favourite ingredients in the top and bottom notes, I love it. It feels like I’m wrapped in its softness. Pink peppercorns which tend to add a spicy kick to the scent are in the top notes. I often choose fragrances that have this ingredient as of key accord that give it a distinctive ‘flavour.’
Secondly, the white amber, which often makes the appearance in base notes giving the scent longevity and warmth. Some of my all-time favourites have that note too. But this isn’t the first Alien scent that I adored, a few years ago Alien Musc Mysterieux has become my signature. Oh, how I’d love to get my hands on the bottle of it again.

Both of Alien Music fragrance with flowers in the background
Alien Musc Mysterieux from 2017

The freshness of Alien Mirage hides in the middle notes probably thanks to the lotus flower, which of course isn’t the only flower note in the scent. Fine fragrances are usually complex and have many notes or accords, but in a fragrance talk, we often focus on a selected few which set the tone for the scent.

Alien by Mugler bottle is iconic.

You can recognise the iconic Aline shape; however, the Alien Mirage bottle is of a crystal blue and looks beautifully fresh. Comes in a 60ml for £59

To buy or not to buy.

Ha, that’s always tricky with a fragrance recommendation. Go and check out Alien by Mugler, all the scents not only new, Alien Mirage. Find the one that feels like you when on your skin. There isn’t’ a good or bad perfume; it’s a matter of taste and preferences. Spray it on your skin, see how it goes.

Do you have a scent that you loved so much you would happily go back to it?

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