Washing hair after a workout and keeping your scalp healthy. 

Ewa from SocialBeautify in the shower washing hair after a workout.

Frequently Washing hair after a workout can dry your hair or scalp leaving you fighting the frizz and sensitive, itchy scalp. Today, I’ll share some tips on how to keep your hair in the best condition even if you wash it frequently due to your sports routine. If you swim you also have to consider the effect chlorine has on your scalp and hair. I’ve put into test a selection of products to help you choose one that would work best for your hair type and fit within your sports routine too. 

*Some products were sent as press samples.

I tend to wash my hair nearly every day. I run about three times a week and it’s impossible to ensure it always falls on the hair wash day. If you have long hair, you will be able to relate. Therefore, I had plenty of opportunities to test some hair care products over the last three months for this feature, which was requested by you guys. Thanks, you are always full of great ideas. 

So, let’s go. 

Pre-wash treatment. 

There is one stable product know globally, which was created for Audrey Hepburn by Philp Kingsley to protect her locks. So, if you are washing hair after a workout frequently you should consider adding the famous Elasticiser as a step to your routine. Even if you do it only once or twice a week. The hair stretched under the weight of water and therefore when is dry it can snap easily. The Elisticiser infuses your hair with moisture, so your strands become more resistant to that stretching. 

If you swim often you should check out the Swimcup from Philip Kingsley too, it’s been highly rated by all my friends who used it. It’s a hair treatment you apply before you step into the pool. 

Washing hair after a workout for those with dry and brittle strands.

A bottle of Hemp oil-based shampoo for brittle hair.
The ‘O’ range by Gorgias London. Hemp oil-based products.

First one is shampoo and a conditioner from The ‘O’ range by  Gorgias London. I found this range in my press gift from the launch of new retail website FOURLife.co.uk. The range contains Hemp oil and is designed with brittle hair in mind. 

I think you will love this range if you have always frizzy, dry and brittle hair. On my slick and smooth hair, it didn’t work at all. After a couple of weeks of regular use, I looked like I never washed my hair, which means that it indeed provides a lot of nourishment. I passed it on to my sister as I thought she would be ideal to test it. She has wavy hair that easily goes frizzy. There are always smoothing products and rich conditioners in her arsenal, so I thought if it is good for someone with dry hair she would be a better guinea pig than me. 

She finds her heir feel a lot smoother when she uses the conditioner from the ‘O’ range. After a few weeks of use, she also feels that it’s a little easier to style her hair. So far she is still enjoying using it. 

The Body Shop range for everyone every day. 

The Body Shop Strawberry haircare range.
The Body Shop Strawberry haircare range.

This wasn’t the first time I put The Body shop range to practice. This time I used a strawberry range formulated for dull hair. I have also loved the Fuji Green tea purifying shampoo and conditioner. I used them obsessively last year. This range is great for all skin types. The later was probably my most loved from all the ranges I’ve tested from the Body Shop. 

For me, The Body Shop hair care scores on two levels. They are fantastic for frequent use. As someone who is washing hair after a workout at least 3-4 times a week, plus my normal days I look for products that keep my hair soft and scalp healthy. With The Body Shop shampoos and conditioners, my hair feels clean and looks good even on the second hair-day. For someone with slick straight hair, second-day hair looking fresh can often be a mission impossible.

Secondly, they are reasonably priced so if you do like the range it won’t break your bank to restock. 

One range for all. The wild card for all the possible options. 

EMULSION, customisable hair care, body and skincare range.
EMULSION, customisable hair care, body and skincare range.

Emulsion haircare is a highly customisable range and for this reason, it can tick the boxes for every single one of you. The shampoo and conditioner are full of ingredients necessary to keep any hair or scalp feeling healthy. Those two products have no scent so would work wonders for those of you allergic to fragrance. They come as 500ml bottles, yep huge, so geat if you want one range for the entire family. 

Now, the excitement starts when you look into essences, which you choose based on your individual hair or skin needs. You use the same essences to supercharge your haircare or your moisturiser. The essences are carefully curated blends of essential oils. 

Finally, there is also a selection of fragrances, which you can use to add to Emulsion hair care or body care. I selected oud, so I can add it to my hair conditioner. It lingers in my hair until the next wash and doesn’t give me any scalp sensitivity. This is something I was most worried about my extra sensitive and reactive scalp.  

Washing hair after a workout became a bit of a game.

Emulsion haircare was the biggest surprise. I have seriously fallen for this range. From the start, I knew I should try for this feature because the concept was so different from anything else out there. However, I honestly thought I wouldn’t be for me. I didn’t think I would like the fuss of having to add the essential oils into my products. Turned out one of my favourites and I’m sure I will be back for more. I found customisation playful rather than a chore, plus I loved the results too. 

Washing hair after a workout became a bit of a game. I switched and changed the oils depending on my needs. For eg. I used the matte maker ( a blend for oily skin and scalp) on the days I was running and exercising. On the other days, I used shampoo by itself or with the wake up happy oil, which is great for normal skin and therefore scalp too. 

Keeping your haircare with in line with your element. 

If you love SPA and products infused with natural ingredients and essential oils you should check out Elemental Herbology range. Last year, I joined the brand in the Ockenden Manor Hotel and SPA to learn more about new products from Elemental Herbology and experience their treatments. That’s where I first used hair care. I thought it should be good enough to use after workout or swimming since the brand is often stocked at SPA’s.

I find the shampoo feels makes your hair feel a little hard. It doesn’t foam up much. The works wonder instantly and smell divine too. I couldn’t wait to apply it to my hair and scalp. It makes your hair feel super smooth and soft. Plus, a gentle cooling sensation revies the scalp and has a soothing effect too.

Sensitive scalp relief 

Living proof dry and itchy scalp treatment.

These things are lifesavers, honestly. Some shampoos give me such a sore and itchy scalp that I could itch until I bleed. You with me here, then make a note of those two products. Washing hair after a workout is a must but for those who still find their scalp a bit dry, I have some solutions.

Philip Kingsley flakey scalp toner. Described as a comforting scalp tonner for flaky or itchy scalps. You use it after shampoo and conditioner and before you dry and style your hair. It works but its texture is like water so is extra runny and I sometimes find I use a bit too much than what I need. It comes out on and off since I first used it about 5 years ago.

Living proof, restore dry scalp treatment sent me this treatment recently when they heard I’m working on this feature and struggle with a sensitive scalp. I prefer it a lot more mostly because it soothes irritation fast but also has a formula that is still liquid but a little thicker so it doesn’t run all over when you apply it.  It’s still lightweight. I can be a lot more precise with the application and don’t waste so much product going everywhere. Going forward I will continue with Living proof. 

It’s ok to wash your hair daily.

Ther is nothing wrong with washing your hair daily. For those who have oily scalp and straight hair, it might be even better, but it’s important to use products that work for your scalp and hair. 

If you know of any wonderful haircare products that all those who wash hair frequently should try don’t be shy, share it in the comments. 


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