Pro makeup tips for a red carpet look every day.

The image was taken by gorgeous Ruth Rose at the Kiss Beauty event.

Today, I want to share pro makeup tips, small adjustments to your makeup routine that will take your look from now to a red carpet glam. Honestly, we often rush through the makeup routine and over complicate things with wrong products. These tips are straight forward so you can do them quickly when you are getting ready in the morning and still achieve celebrity worthy look. I use them every day, and if you follow me on Instagram or read my blog, you’ll know that I’m all about five-minute makeup routine. Enjoy.

Mascara from roots to tips.

Don’t rush it when you apply your mascara. Ensure you push the wand into the roots of your eyelashes. You gen give the brush a little wobble when you do it so that the brush slides between your lashes. Now, pull your brush up slowly. You will notice a lot more products stay on the eyelashes, enhancing them right to the tips.

I like to rotate my wand when I move it to the tips of my eyelashes too. This way, I’m using the product that is gathered on the want. Try it next time, and you will notice your eyelashes look a lot fuller and separated afterwards.

Flawless skin, not full coverage foundation.

Since your skin is such a big part of makeup and we all dream of perfect skin, thanks to all those photoshopped images we get feed daily, we pay a lot of attention to how the skin looks. It’s not always easy to create flawless skin. Particularly in the winter months, so I wrote some tips on that here. The truth is you can achieve it with a full coverage base, but your skin will look million dollars if you work on it rather than hide it. So ensure you prep your skin like a pro first and then use the most lightweight base you can get away with. When you are done, add some concealer in areas of imperfections and under the eyes. 

This technique enables you to achieve beautifully flawless looking skin, yet a very natural finish. You won’t look like you hiding behind makeup. You know you have done an excellent job when people start compliment how lovely your skin is not the makeup.

Give your skin the inner glow before you use makeup.

Hollywood Flawless Filter a perfect preop for red-carpet-ready skin.

Prep your canvas. From all the pro makeup tips, this is one that gets often overlooked but also one that makes a huge difference. Every PRO artist will take time to prep the skin. This step makes make the base look a lot better with less product. Hydrate, nourish and add glow. That inner glow means you don’t need to ‘cake’ your skin to achieve a flawless and youthful base.

Fuller lips with just a liner

I’m not suggesting overdrawing babe, nope. It’s certainly not a red carpet look. However, with the use of lovely natural shade liner, you can add so much definition to your lips, you will be surprised. It’ll give your lips polished and fuller look. Your lipstick will last better too.

Wearing Pillow Talk lip liner and Bond Girl Lipstick both from Charlotte Tilbury

My ultimate favourite is lip liner from Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk Original or in Supersize me. The later is slightly deeper shade so it adds a touch of colour to my lips. Their texture is a little waxy so they stay on and help to keep your lipstick in place too. Just apply to the entire lip. When you apply your lip liner start form the outer edge of your lips and work inwards. You’d be shocked how much better you’ll line your lips using this simple trick.

Balance of colour

Your colour makeup such as lipstick, blusher or and eyeshadow should all be perfectly balanced — one complementing the other. You don’t need a lot of products to look red carpet ready. The beauty comes from the fact it all works together enhancing your look or natural beauty.

So what do I mean when I say that the look should be ‘balanced’? Well, stick to warm shades or cool shades but don’t mix. This way, you pretty much safe.

For example, you might wear gold eyeshadow and red lipstick or warm nude choose a blusher that is peach rather than cool pink to keep your look balanced. But If you want to go for a pink blush and maybe a grey eyeshadow that pink or purple lipstick might do the trick.

I’d love you to try those tips, then come back to me and tell me how you get on.


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