Filmstar Bronze vs Hollywood Contour wand by Charlotte Tilbury.

I’m comparing famous Filmstar Bronze vs Hollywood Contour Wand and the Hollywood Light wand to help you choose and decide which one is best. There is a video for you too. I know you all loved the foundation comparison video so I made this one, about another hyped up products from Charlotte Tilbury range. You’ll find all the useful links in here too.

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Filmstar Bronze facts.

The Filmstar Bronze in light-medium was the original contouring and bronzing powder Charlotte Tilbury released when she launched her brand. It is highly pigmented and has a brilliant talc-free formula, so you see the results, not the product sitting on your skin. The bronzer shade doesn’t look dark and often those with olive skin or darker skin shade think it might not be enough but you’d still see incredible results. If you wearing Charlotte Tilbury foundation, you can easily go for the lighter shade if you use a foundation from shade 1-7. It will still show. For darker skin tones there is now also Filmstar Bronzer in a shade medium-dark. You will notice that the highlighter is very orangy-golden, so before you buy it, check if it blends and highlights your skin in a natural way. It looks beautiful on darker skin shades.

It’s easy to use, so if you don’t feel confident about your makeup skills, the powder is by far more full proof. Watch the video to see how to apply it and which tools will help you achieve the best results and make the application a doddle.

Hollywood Contour Wand for a sooth definition.

The wand will quickly create an intense look and has to be used before you apply any powder. A little goes a long way and I think you will see more intense results with less of a product even on darker skin tones. (I use it in Light and it’s pretty deep shade. Check my video to see it.)

To use Hollywood Contour Wand you need to be more confident with your makeup skills. This applies to most liquid contouring products because if you place it incorrectly it isn’t as forgiving as the powder. You also should be relatively confident when it comes to blending your products. Use brushes like the complexion brush so you have control and are able to buff the product without rubbing off the base you have underneath it.

Hollywood Light Wand

It’s not the full contouring experience if you haven’t used a highlighter. So what’s the Light Wand like? High shine for sure. The highlight is more intense than the one you get in the Filmstar Bronzer and Glow. One looks more natural as if your skin is glowing from within and has settle texture the wand is high shine and looks stunning but might be less forgiving on the mature skin with laughter lines.

Filmstar Bronze vs Hollywood Contour Wand video.

Enjoy the video.

Products showed in the video.

Filmstar Bronzer and Glow:

Hollywood Contour Wand:

Hollywood Light Wand:

Bronzer and Blusher brush:

Powder and Sculpt brush:

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