Clarins Milkshake makeup collection review.

Clarins milkshake makeup collection  selection of lip balms from Clarins.
New, product launch from Clarins. Debenhams Exclusive.

Clarins milkshake makeup collection is launching on the 29th December. The new collections is focusing on lip products. The peach milk infused lip mousse give gives you both; lasting colour and hydration. It is long lasting because it acts as a stain. Since I loved the water stains I wanted to put Clarins milkshake makeup collection into test.

*Products were sent as press samples

Clarins Milkshake makeup collection. The selection.

Clarins milkshake makeup collection All the shades lined up

The texture feels fluffy and soft on the application. It is certainly easier on the go than a water stain. The soft cousin applicator makes it easy to apply. I can’t fault the staying power. Just like the water stain, once the product is on your lips it will last for hours even if you drink or eat.

Clarins milkshake makeup collection is infused with hydration ingredients too which I feel is enough to give your lips enough moisture that you don’t need extra lip balm, but it is not making your lips glossy. The finish is very natural, even when you choose shades that are brighter and bolder like the Strawberry 01.

Limited Edition exclusive.

Both of the shades I’m testing are on the pink side. I tend to wear a lot more pick lip products when I create a natural looks and stains are perfect for this. I have tested shade 01 Milky Strawberry and 04 Milky Tea Rose.

Ewa from SocialBeautify wearing Clarins milkshake lip product in shade 04.
Wearing 04 Milky Tea Rose
blogger Ewa from SocialBeautify in shade Milky Tea Rose.
Wearing 04 Milky Tea Rose.

When and Where?

Clarins milkshake collection products will be available to buy from 29th December 2019 exclusively at Debenhams. The balms will be priced at £19. There are also two blushers in the collection, which I didn’t get a chance to try this time, but as the lip products are the focus of the collection my attention was on them.

Ewa from SocialBeautify holing in her hands Clarins Milkshake collection lip balms.
Wearing shade 01 Milky Strawberry

I like the convenient packaging and that I don’t have to be so carful when I’m applying the products. The cream texture and the applicator means you can pretty much put it on without looking in the mirror. The water stain on the another hand has a well, water like texture so I tend to be more carful that I don’t take too much on. I don’t want it to drip and stain my clothes.

If you are looking for a lip product that look natural on the lips and has a lasting power, then you should defiantly check it out when it hits the stores. Limited editions never stay for too long, but it we all love it enough Clarins might bring it back as a regular stock. It happened with a few products, like the lip oils.

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