Flawless Foundation Tips for winter skin.

Ewa Pietreniuk from SocialBeautify with a flawless base and red lipstick. Showing Flawless Foundation Tips for winter skin.

If you are trying to create a flawless skin for the party season but have no idea where to start and how to do it make your self a cup of tea and let me share some pro tips. My flawless foundation tips for winter skin will help you achieve smooth and radiant skin no matter if you use a sheer foundation or opt of a full coverage base. 

*Some products were sent as press samples and this post has some affiliate links

Why prep matters?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Preparing your skin for makeup will make a significant difference in how your base will look. In winter, when the harsh environment impacts the skin, it is even more important to pay attention to how your skin looks before you reach for a foundation. 

Never skip a moisturiser and consider even switching to a creamier texture during the winter months. Products with hyaluronic acid help to plump your skin, giving it much smoother appearance so ensure you try and incorporate it into your routine too. 

I also love to use hydrating and radiance-boosting skin enhancers. Try my favourite Hollywood Flawless Filter, and you will find it easier to achieve flawless skin because when you are already starting with a beautifully radiant complexion, you don’t need to work so hard to perfect it.

Flawless Foundation Tips for winter skin, prep your complexion with glow boosting products.

What to use for a flawless base prep.

Charlotte’s Tilbury Magic cream is superb for makeup prep. If you have normal to dry skin, you will cherish this cream forever. Combination skin, you might also be pleasantly surprised, but in the summer months use it only for the special occasion. I find it too creamy during the summer as my skin gets a little oilier. 

Paula’s Choice Essential Glow Moisturiser is fab for absolutely anyone. I was given this moisturiser at one fo the press events and used it nearly every morning since. It has almost run out, and I will repurchase. It provides perfect hydration, glowing skin and has SPF. 

Go as bare as you dare! One of my top Flawless Foundation Tips for winter skin. 

Many people believe that you need to wear full coverage (heavy) foundation for a special occasion or a night out. You don’t! What you want is flawless skin, but it doesn’t have to be heavy. There is nothing more beautiful than naturally glowing and smooth skin so if you can go nearly bare do it. 

Any pro makeup artist will try to keep your base as light as it’s possible so if you haven’t got acne, scarring or pigmentation which you are trying to hide, choose a lightweight foundation. It will let your skin through and concealer to perfect any small areas of imperfections. 

Don’t underestimate your tools. 

Like with most disciplines of life, when you have the right tools to do the job, it all becomes much more comfortable. I feel this is even more important when playing with makeup as it will make the application easier for you. Your products will last longer and perform better too because you will be able to apply it more evenly. 

Don’t stinge on the foundation brush. I find it amusing that so many of us are happy to spend £35 for a bottle of a foundation, but are shocked the brush to apply it can cost equivalent. The same person things the foundation is ok but the brush is expensive. Well, it’s the other way around. The base will last 3-4 months if you use it daily but let’s be kind and assume one bottle will last you a year. When you buy a high-end foundation brush and take care of it, it can last you years. I have some tools which are more than five years old, some even older than that. When you think of a price and the fact that you use less of your base when you choose to apply it with a high-quality tool, what do you think is more expensive here, the brush or the foundation? 

The brush choice. My current favourite tools. 

Two foundation brushes perfect for blending the base to achieve a flawless look

I use Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion brush most often as I find it great for both runny and lightweight foundations and those that are creamy and thick. You can also use it to blend any other liquid products like bronzers or contour. 

Recently, Bare Minerals has sent me a few of their brushes and I love using smoothing face brush. I have been using it to blend a bit of concealer when I only use my BB Cream, and I find it creates a gorgeous flawless finish. 

Finishing touch also matters. 

Your flawless base is ‘nearly’ ready. Use a minimal amount of powder to dry your base then add a little bronzer or contour but only tiny amount to bring back shape to your skin because we tend to look a bit flat and washed out with just a foundation. 

If you want to achieve a fresh face look than perhaps you can also use a little bit of highlighter on a few hight points, remember, with highlighter less is more. After this step, your skin is ready to add any colour cosmetics like eyeshadows, blusher and lipstick. 

Remember that it’s a process. 

Flawless skin doesn’t happen in one step. Remember it’s a process, so don’t skip all the essential steps. 

1) Prep your skin with moisturiser. It creates a smoother surface for your makeup to go on. Prevents foundation clinging to dry skin. 

2) Add glow to freshen up the look. The more radiant and glowing your skin is before you apply the base the less of a product you need to create the flawless-looking surface. 

3) Use good quality tools to make the application easier and achieve a professional finish.

4) Finish off with products that help you to bring back the shape, warmth and glow to your skin if necessary.  

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