Post swimming skincare to combat the effects of chlorine on the skin.

Woman in the pool.

Chlorine in pools is necessary due to its disinfecting properties, but it is stripping your skin from natural oils. As a result, it can lead to loss of moisture and dehydration. Then your skin might feel very dry and look dull and dark. Today we will have a look at products you can use in your post-swimming skincare to minimise the effect chlorine has on your skin. 

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There are things you can do pre- swimming too!!

Fantastic news for those of you you swim in the pool frequently. Please, invest in a chlorine neutralising lotion. I found plenty that you can grab even of amazon and they are not expensive either. You use the cream before you get into the pool to protect your skin from chlorine. 

I haven’t tried one myself, but I read a ton of reviews and asked around. To my surprise, a few of my friends have used it for a long time. If you suffer from dry skin, I do think it would be sensible to give it a go. If you use one, share with us your thoughts in the comments.  

Also, if you want something natural and soothing try Elemental Herbology Soufflé Overnight Mask, which is full of nourishing oils which work as a barrier against harsh chlorine and help to prevent dryness post-swim. As the name says ‘overnight’ it might not come to your mind to use it as a protection, but it is a great beauty trick. 

Post-swimming skincare starts with the right cleanse. 

Because the chlorine is so drying for the skin, you want to wash your face and body thoroughly, to remove any residue. I selected a couple of face washes, which are gentle or like the Bioderma also hydrating. 

For the face Atoderm Ultra-Gentle Shower Gel – £8.00

With purifying active ingredients, the soap-free gel combats micro-organisms and irritant elements responsible for aggravating dry skin. 

Atoderm Ultra-Nourishing Shower Cream – £14.00 

This soap-free cleansing cream will balance and soothe your skin, ideal for dry to dehydrated skin. The hypoallergenic and paragon-free formula has a creamy texture, and after use, the skin is soothed and reinforced against external aggressions. Can be used for both the face and body.

I chose Clinique Face cleansing soap for those of you who are also looking for fragrance-free products. I know some of you might find scented face washes irritating after being in the pool. 

Fight dehydration. 

Since chlorine dehydrates your skin, I think a hydrating serum is always a good idea. Personally, I can’t go without one. I made a selection so you can choose depending on how much you are willing to spend on a serum. All of them are great and designed to moisture into your skin. 

La Roche Pasay Hydraphase Intense Serum as an add on to post-swimming skincare routine.

La Roch Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum – I’ve been using this serum on and off for nearly a decade. You’ll feel like it gives your skin an instant dose of deep hydration and no sticky residue. Perfect for keeping in your gym bag. 

Clarins has a lovely hydrating serum in their range too. I used Hydra -Essentiel Bi-Phase Hydrating Serum a few times and always loved the results. The range has been slightly modified and I only used a small sample but it felt the same. 

Clinique has released the Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate. According to Clinique “It is a water-gel hydrator instantly quenches dehydrated skin with a moisture boost. Keeps skin hydrated for up to 72 hours.”

Woman dressed in a blue dressing gown holding a bottle of Vital Essence in hand.
Vital Essence – Chantecaille

If you rather choose something luxurious than try Vital Essence from Chantecaille. I spoke about it im my recent skincare post. I’m using it at the moment and genuinely love the feel of it on my skin afterwards. It has a gel-like texture but isn’t runny. 

Try to upgrade your moisturiser for your post-swimming skincare routine.

Since chlorine dries out your skin by compromising your skin’s protective barrier, you can upgrade your moisturiser to give it a relief. 

What do I mean my upgrade? Well, a step up to a more luxurious more nourishing texture to that you are using daily. 

You want to choose moisturisers which help to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier. Those that help to rebalance your skin and replenish both the loss of moisture and oils naturally occurring in the skin. 

I apply the same rule when I go skiing as the harsh air and all-day outdoors drys my skin a lot more. 

Here is an example. Daily, I use creams textures formulated for normal to oily skin or combination skin. When I want to step up, I would go for a normal skin type or even dry. Depending on the brands. I often go by the feel and how the product absorbs. 

I selected a few different moisturisers for you so you can pick and choose the right one for your skin type to adjust your post-swimming skincare so that your skin feels comfortable and soothed.  

What to choose to cocoon your skin with moisture and protection. 

Firstly, I wanted to show you a couple of Bioderma products you can find them at Boots and many other retailers. I selected two products one for someone who needs a step up from normal skin type. The Rich moisturising care from Bioderma Hydrabio Creme range. Cream for dry to very dry and sensitive skin. With my combination skin, I would usually stay away from this texture but after hours in the pool or in the mountains it’s a life saviour. It feels rich but not greasy. Currently on offer at

Bioderma moisturisers to upgrade your post-swimming skincare

The Sebium Global range is brilliant if you have oily skin prone to breakout. You certainly don’t want to skip a moisturiser as it will help you keep the moisture level balanced and prevent excess oil appearing on the surface of your skin. When your skin is losing moisture it naturally produces oil. Use hydrating serums and moisturisers to aid your skin and prevent it from overproducing oil. 

I use this product in the summer when my skin tends to be more on the oily side so you really have to have very oily skin to use this moisturiser after swimming and feel it provides enough comfort. Top tip for oily skin here, is to combine the power of both the moisturiser and the hydrating serum. 

Elemental Herbology Perfect Balance moisturiser. Great add on to a post-swimming skincare routine to balance normal or combination skin.

Next, I must show you Elemental Herbology Perfect Balance moisturising lotion.  The  Perfect Balance cream texture is nourishing enough for anyone with normal skin to oily skin types, particularly if you use it after swimming. Natural scents only, so no additional irritants. The ingredients in the  Perfect Balance moisturiser helps to rebalance your skin’s ph and rebuild the natural protective barrier of your skin. I was surprised that although its texture felt rich upon application after a couple of minutes on the skin it absorbed entirely. 

Murad, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture has scored well both with me and a few of my lucky friends who also got to try it as a post-swimming skincare moisturiser. It’s a luxurious yet lightweight cream so when you blend it onto your skin it absorbs like a dream. Murad claims it provides 24h hydration. I can’t really test that but my skin felt quenched every single time I used it. When I used it on my friend Alice the other day she only said ‘ OMG, what are you putting on my skin if it feels amazing? 

Murad Hydro-Dynamic moisturiser.

This moisturiser is enhanced with coconut extracts, which gives a smooth texture to the skin. Hydro-Dynamic is also gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

Now, if you wanted to try something utterly luxurious I can help but say that La Mer moisturiser is perfect for that. I use the soft cream at the moment and I have a tiny pot of the original formula called creme intense for the ski or spa trips. :). I hope to have more of those next year so I’m being well prepped. Both are marvellous as post-swimming skincare but you have to choose depending on which texture feels better with you.

The intense cream you need to warm up in your fingers before pressing onto your skin. The soft cream you blend like any other moisturiser. When I first tied La Mer moisturiser a few years back I wanted it to be overhyped (mainly because of the price tag) but then my skin loved it. I am trying it again now and have incredible results as the first time. So here you have a soft cream as a step up for anyone with normal or combination skin and the Creme Intense formula for someone with drier skin types. 

A selection of La Mer mini products, perfect for travel.

Links to the moisturisers are above. If you want to pop to a counter for a beauty chat and advice they all provide outstanding service but my favourite is La Mer counter at John Lewis and Partners on Oxford Street. 

Bonus. Something for the body to give it a silky feel too. 

This post is about skincare after swimming but I wanted to drop here a couple of body products that I found incredible and used throughout the year. 

First is the body oil from Chantecaille Rose de Mai range. You rub a little on the wet skin and it will keep your skin soft and perfectly nourished. It feels incredible and not tacky or heavy at all. 

The second is Hawaiian Kukui Cream from the Body Shop. I have just run out of my pot, but to be fair it lasted me a year. I use more of it during winter but it slowly works wonders on very dry skin. 

I think this is a pretty decent list that gives you some selection of products for the face to add into your post-swimming skincare routine. If you know of something incredible that you use after swimming share we all would love to know. 

Till next week, 

Ewa x 

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