Winter skincare routine – luxury hydration and protection.

Ewa from SocialBeautify is holding Chantecaille cream blending it to her face.  Winter skincare routine.

Winter skincare routine isn’t a marketing gimmick invented to sale you more. There are reasons why your skin could do with a skincare upgrade. Today, I’ll explain how the winter environment affects your skin and what you can do to help your skin stay in the best condition. Also, I will show you how I change my skincare and what works for me best. 

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How the weather the environment affects our skin?

Humidity usually drops during the autumn and winter months. The drier the air, the more moisture it sucks from your skin. Air-conditioning does the same. Now, your skin is made up of roughly 70% water and 30% oil and your skin cells have to be perfectly hydrated to maintain it’s function and work on 100% power.  

As your skin is losing moisture you might notice your skin becomes red, prone to irritation and sometimes you might even notice you get a bit more oily. This could be due to dehydration. 

Wind and cold air will also compromise your skins protective barrier but just as winter weather affects your skin the cosy warm home can have a negative impact on your skin too. 

According to experts, going from the cold outdoors into centrally-heated buildings and vice-versa causes the capillaries in the face to contract and expand rapidly leading to broken veins and skin redness.

Why hydration can be your answer? 

Chantecaille Flower Hyrmonazing Cream. Winter skincare routine.

Hydrated skin cells are happy cells and that means better performance. Keeping skin hydrated is one of the easiest things you can do. Be consistent and self-aware. When I say self-aware, I think of you listening to your skin needs and trusting your judgment. Make some effort to understand how the skin works and what you can do to help yourself. 

Products of choice. How I change my winter skincare routine. 

Chantecaille Hydration Serum – I use it twice a day. AM and PM.

I find my skin responds better to changes in the environment when I ensure optimum hydration both in the morning and evening. I have combination skin so rich, protective textures don’t work for my skin. However, keeping skin optimally hydrated does the trick most of the time. 

This winter  I upgraded my skincare to luxurious Chantecaille range. Serum always goes first. Right now I use Vital Essence from the Aromacologie range. Two small pumps of the product provide me with enough hydration for my skin to feel comfortable. It is both face and eyes serum, full of anti-oxidants so it has anti-ageing properties too.

Next, it the moisturiser. I tend to change the textures a little bit during winter, but not a lot. It’s a fine upgrade rather than a drastic change. 

Chantecaille Flower Harmonising Cream pot, being used by Ewa from SocialBeautify. Winter skincare routine.

Right now, my Rose de Mai cream which has very lightweight formula is coming to an end I started using the Flower Harmonizing Cream. Its formula is a more nourishing design to cocoon the skin and to me, it feels like it protects my complexion better. At the same time, it’s not rich to the point it causes me breakouts. It helps to smooth and soothe any dry areas on the skin too thanks to a blend of essential oils, botanicals, seaweed, and vitamins. 

During winter months I start using a hydrating mask regularly. They help to top up moisture level in your skin. In the ideal case you want to do it 3 times a week, maybe even 4 because of the way how to mask work. Take the hydrating mask as eg. It will help to bring the moisture level up in your skin, but the environment still will have an effect on your skin so after a short time (a day or two) the skin will lose the moisture again. You use the mask often, to aid your skin to maintain that optimum moisture level. 

I’m using Chantacaille Jasmine and Lily Healing mask. A luxurious cooling mask infused with unique botanicals to soothe and hydrate dry skin. You can use it as a rich night cream too. This mask makes a perfect add on to winter skincare routine because it was specially created to protect from over-exposure to the elements it also serves as an ideal solution for jet-lagged or wind-chapped skin. Honestly, this mask it such an indulgence, I love it.

I, however, do it always once a week and if I can squeeze a meed week mask I do that too. I noticed that even once a week if used regularly a hydrating mask makes a huge difference. 

Biohacking your winter skin routine.

If your skin suffers during winter I encourage you to learn a few fundamentals about the skin. How your skin works and what can throw it out of balance? Just like I’ve mentioned here the weather. This knowledge will help you to understand what products you can introduce to keep your complexion smooth and redness free. Thnk about it as biohacking* your way to calm skin in winter. Winter skincare routine needs sometimes only a small adjustment, like a richer face cream or face oil. Chantecaille has one and it is divine! If you have a dry skin type you could simply use a few drops before at bedtime. 

I’d love to hear what are your winter skincare routine hacks? 

Ewa x 

*Figuring out what is right for your skin or the body simply by listening to how you respond to various products and routines. Having fundamental knowledge helps. 

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