Men’s toiletries, worth your attention.

A selection of toiletries for men.
A selection of products which are either for men or suitable for both men and women, which I have (or my guinea pigs) put into test.

Men’s toiletries don’t get much attention here, but a few men have requested some content of this kind. I forced some of my poor suffering friends to put them into the test. I might have had a go with some of them myself because let’s be honest, men are mostly useless when it comes to feedback regarding beauty products. Here we go, a few products that will fit nicely on your bathroom shelf or gym bag.

Cleansing with Filorga.

Filorga has a few products, which are great for both men and women, the face wash is one of them. Dear men, you can be extra precious about the way the packaging looks and avoid those that look too feminine but I hope Filorga managed to keep everyone happy with its simplistic bottle. Filorga face wash is fantastic. Keeps the skin clean and super hydrated. In fact, it was so good I only let my friend try it a few times and then claimed it for myself. It does say on the bottle that it cleanses and removes makeup, so some manly man might get a tad scared by it. If that doesn’t scare you or your man, honestly it’s such a great wash you should try it. Also, it dispenses just the right amount of product for each application. It’s a definitive yes. Now you can shop for all Filorga products at Debenhams. If you want to shop online the wash is over here.

Men’s toiletries from the luxe shelve. Algenist Power Moisturiser.

Let’s start with Algenist, it deserves attention. Fantastic texture, very lightweight but extremely hydrating. Won’t leave your skin shiny or sticky. Do you like the sound of that?

So you should!

Algenist products are very much results-driven so you can expect your skin looking fresh, hydrated and smooth. I loved the feel of this cream, so did my guinea pig. You can shop for Algenist Power Moisturiser here.

Le Couvent a classic fragrance.

The fragrances from Le Couvent are on the very classy side. The old school scent that is pure and without unnecessary adornments. Aqua Imperi smells like an Italian summer resort. There are various scents within the range. The fragrance is such a personal decision I’m not going to say buy or not to buy. However, if you like something that is timeless and classy, you should check what’s on offer from Le Couvent.

Sun Protection is key too.

I had to squeeze an SPF product into this edit, or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. On a serious note, so many men asked me about an SPF they can use when doing sports or when on holiday that is not sticky or shiny. I chose SVR Laboratories and put their range into the test. My friend tested this body SPF 50 and I tested the face equivalent. You will love the matt finish and the gel formula. Matt finish means your skin won’t be glowing like a light bulb after the application. It’s translucent and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. All SVR products smell great too. If you like water sports, this body gel is great as sand won’t stick to your skin. Now in the winter months if you are outdoorsy you might want to grab just the face one.

Your perfect gym and travel essentials.

Men-u makes the ultra-concentrated product. Those minis are genius for gym or travel. Even your shower gel is 3x as concentrated.

Men-u was exceptionally popular among my friends. The face mask was probably the only product that confused them a little but other than that they loved it all. Those who go to the gym or travel a lot were particularly happy with the brand that revolves around ultra-concentrated formulas. The product smell and perform well too. Plus, you can buy them at Boots, what’s not to like?

I loved the Black Pepper & Bergamot shower gel. So much I’d use it myself.

Also, CBD infused eye cream.

The double size eye cream

Last but not least you need an eye cream in the men’s toiletries bag too. I want to introduce you to the MGC Derma eye cream with CBD Stem Cells. This eye cream helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. Enriched with Cannabidiol and peptides, this eye cream can help to restore the elasticity of the delicate skin around your eyes. Use as part of your skincare regime for fresher-looking eyes.

My guinea pig was intrigued to try it because of what’s in it. Well, CBD in cosmetics is having its moment. Secondly, the cream is big.

You guys sometimes don’t get that eye cream doesn’t have to come in a litre jar, because you don’t use much of it. To keep some of you, who hate the 15 ml posts of eye creams happy, this one is 30ml. Double the size!!! Happy times you can use as much as you like.

Again, this is more of a unisex than men first range, but it has great texture, simple jar, and have I mentioned the size!!! Size matter, right?

I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to let me know what other questions you have about man’s skincare.

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