PixiPretties limited edition collections – the glow edit.

PixiPretties Limited Edition Collectins launched in October 2019.
Pixi Pretty Collection – October 2019

Pixi is working hard with bloggers all over the world to create PixiPretties Limited Edition Collections that fly off the shelves. The very recent one might be a tad too sparkly and shimmery for my every day, but I think everyone can find something stunning particularly before the party season kicks off. 

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I’ll talk you through my favourite products and give you glims what else is new. 

Pixi + Heart Defensor eyeshadow palette. 

Pixi + Heart Defensor eyeshadow palette.

The palette is by far my favourite from the PixiPretties Limited Edition collections launched recently. The shades are perfect for autumn and winter. The textures and colours let you make the most of the palette and use it for both day and night out. I suppose I’m at the stage where the night out where you can sprinkle glitter all over your face are few and far between so I like to know I’ll get the use of my product. I love all the shades and textures. They eyeshadows despite being a powder have that smooth, creamy feel to them. So far, I’ve used them a couple of times and haven’t noticed fall-out during the application. However, I use very soft brushes, which always make the application easier. 

Swatches PixiPretties Pixi + Heart Defensor eyeshadow palette.

Pixi + From Head to Toe Glow-y Powder and Endless Shade stick 

Pixi + From Head to Toe Glow-y Powder Limited Edition

Positioned as multi-purpose products. I leave it for you to decide how and where you will use them, but the powders are definitely on the glowy side. If you choose to use it as a highlight on your face, I’d probably stick to a little – very little in fact- goes a long way. Unless you want to look like a Christmas tree bulb. You can use it as a final touch on your eyes too. The Endless Shade stick I’d use as an eyeshadow rather than anything else. Great colours and texture for both. 

Pixi + From Head to Toe Glow-y Powder swatches.
Pixi + From Head to Toe Endless Shade stick. Limited Edition.

Pixi + Chloe Manello Lip Glow in PixiPretties Limited Edition collections.

Pixi + Chloe Manello Lip Glow in PixiPretties Limited Edition collections.

Pixi has also launched three, limited-edition shades, which 100% are going to add a festive feel to your makeup look. They are pretty, but I will pass. Glitter on lips was never my thing. I can recall only once using a sparkly lipgloss in my entire life. I was about 18, and this was the first time something like it was available. I was cool back then. I’m sure some of you will be able to pull this look off. 

Pixi + Maryam Maquillage Eye & Lip kits. 

Pixi + Maryam Maquillage Eye & Lip kits.

Oh, I like those a lot. The kit is simple but will do the trick. I feel like those kits are what women who want to jazz up the look for a one-off occasion would love. Your lip product will be wearable all year around. Your eyeshadow, well it’s more out there with a full-on sparkle, but they are beautiful. Since it’s only one shade, it’s easy to keep you looking classy, and you can get away with a tad of sparkle on the eyelids even when you aren’t 20 anymore. 

You can find the Night kit here and the Day here.

Pixi + Maryam Maquillage Eye & Lip kit. Eyeshadow swatches.

Pixi + Rachh Loves 

Pixi + Rachh Loves  Highlighter Palette.

Ok, so this is a glow everywhere kind of product. The last of PixiPretties Limited Edition collections items I’d like to show you. If you are highly obsessed, this will be a dram palette. I do love a highlighter and use them often but in moderation. Various shades will let you use it on your face, and yes both for fresh face pink-toned looks and those warm bronzy ones too. Definitely a great add on if you are a makeup artist and would like to add it to your kit. It appears to be out of stock on some websites but I found it on ASOS here.

I’d love to know which of PixiPretties Limited Edition collections products you’d happily put into your makeup bag, use and love? Let me know. 

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