The perfect relationship – big news!!

The perfect relationship needs to develop naturally. It has to feel right, and the excitement of what’s to come should be on both parts. That’s how my relationship with EVY Technology developed. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce myself to you as Brand Ambassador for a beautiful brand which creates excellent sun protection products- EVY Technology.

Sharing my passion for healthy-looking skin.

I’ve been a beauty blogger for ten years now, and you can also find me on Instagram @SocialBeautify where I show up daily. I share everyday beauty advice because I’d love everyone to feel confident in the skin they are in. From now on, you will see more posts a little more on my blog about it as I create content for EVY Technology blog and social media. Together, we are going to keep your skin healthy in the sun.

Once upon a time on the beach.

When I was 21, I spent an entire day working on the beach. I was involved in a theatre group, and we were filming there from the early hours of the morning until late evening. Despite reapplying plenty of sunscreens multiple times, I woke up the next day slightly sunburned and very tanned. My skin looked a little dry too.
I remember looking in the mirror and despite my young age noticing that sunbathing had aged me visually at least by five years. It was the dryness of the skin and the tan itself that made me look older. I decided that day that sunbathing wasn’t great for my skin in excess. As a result, I avoid the sun when it’s at its strongest and make sure I always use sun protection.

Summer or not there is always SPF product on my face. Now, in my late thirties, I believe that thanks to SPF, my skin is still youthful, free from pigmentation and lines. Sure, I understand that genes matter, but lifestyle and sun are the two most damaging factors.

Why EVY Technology.

I believe that sun protection products are still misunderstood. However, they are so powerful to keep our skin in good health. In the last couple of years, I was thinking of how I could make more impact and help others realise the power of SPF product. I understood I’d love to work with a sun protection brand, but it had to be a product I loved and used myself without the brand incentivising it. So when my relationship with EVY Technology developed and grew, I knew it was a perfect match.

Honesty is one of the most important values I have, and when I interviewed the brand in the past, they shared that value too. I also felt EVY is a brand with a vision and purpose, and want to make the world a better place. EVY develops products for sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Dermatologist recommends EVY, but also Vitiligo Association has nominated EVY Sunscreen mousse as the safest sunscreen on the market for their members.
All of their products are safe for small children, though EVY does not recommend to use lower SPF than 30 for children under 16 years of age.


I hope that together with EVY Technology, we will stretch our creativity and bring you delightful, inspirational and educational content. We would love you to enjoy the sun but stay healthy in your skin.
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