Find your Element for better skin with Elemental Herbology.

SPA at Ockenden Manor Hotel

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Elemental Herbology creates products based on the philosophy of Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine, a belief that everything in life works in harmony. I believe in the power of traditional Chinese medicine, so when Elemental Herbology invited me to the launch of the new vegan face oil and to enjoy their SPA for a day, I was excited. Could you find yourself in your Element too, and discover perfect skincare for you based on this theory? If you are a nonbeliever, stay with me for a paragraph or two. 

The Five Elements – Which one are you? 

The skincare consultation with Elemental Herbology looks very different from a usual facial consultation procedure. They focus questions on your feelings and behaviours rather than asking you to analyse your skin. Your answers might change depending on the day and mood, but you will find that you are leaning towards one or two elements. I thought my results were spot on. My results showed that my Elements are Fire and Water. 

The Elements.

Here is a picture of the consultation card with short descriptions of the elements, have a quick look. Can you tell which one are you? You can also go over the Elemental Herbology website and complete an online form. The result help determine your Element, which then indicates the skincare range and treatments that would benefit you the most.

The nut-free and vegan Water Soothe Facial Oil.

Water Soothe Facial Oil- Elemental Herbology
New, nut-free and vegan face oil from Elemental Herbology.

The new Water Soothe Facial Oil, from moisture replenish range, combines the power of Chamomile, Rose Damask and Rosehip Oil. 

Chamomile soothes redness and irritation and is also full of anti-oxidants. You do want to have some anti-ox ingredients in your skincare, they keep your skin looking younger for longer – ish. 

Rose Damask helps to tone and is a superb hydrator too. It also helps to protect the skins natural moisture barrier. Well-hydrated skin is happy skin. When cells are full of water they function to its full potential, so never underestimate the power of hydration. 

Rosehip Oil is rich in Vitamin A and C. Those two are superpower ingredients when it comes to boosting skin radiance. Radiance is what makes your skin look rested, young and beautiful. I’m all about the glow :).  

How to use the Water Soothe Facial Oil in your skincare routine? 

There is only one rule. If you are using a serum, apply the oil after the serum and before your moisturiser. The oil molecules are bigger than water so and it will stay closer to the topical layers of your skin. At night, you can use the oil alone. You can also add a drop or two to your moisturiser. 

You only need about 2-3 drops.

Finding myself in the Element- the SPA 

SPA at Ockenden Manor Hotel

The SPA at Ockenden Manor Hotel, which was bright and with plenty of space to be in my Element. I loved the outdoor pools. However, I didn’t think the jacuzzi was the comfiest or the bubblies of all. The view and the surroundings are beautiful and made up for it. I hope I can get back there for a full day of only relax before winter. I wasn’t there to splash in the jacuzzi all day but to experience Elemental Herbology facial. With six treatment rooms, I don’t think you’d be waiting long if you decide to treat yourself to one too. I loved mine. We used the new Water Soothe Facial Oil for a significant part of the facial, including a scalp massage. 

Having some time to relax in the right setting made me realise how much I need a full SPA day to revitalise my mind and body.

Woman by the pool side in splashing water.
Post Facial Glow

Choose the Element don’t analyse your skin. 

When we were answering questions to determine our elements, I realised how often we miss-diagnose our skin. Approaching analysis from the perspective of the Elements could benefit you if you’ve been using the same products forever. Anyone who’s skin is changing with a season or reacts to stress should try this approach. 

If you would like the glowing skin too, why don’t you enter Elemental Herbology competition? It’s on their website until the 30th September. So enter for a chance to win a YEAR supply of the New Water Soothe Facial Oil. 

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