New, Everlasting Youth Fluid from Claris. Is it truly YOUTH in a jar?

Youth is a now beauty It word. Anti-aging was redundant as it’s not PC anymore. Too negative and honestly nothing can turn back time. Now, ladies, we are chasing to stay forever youthful. 

Clarins gave us one youth in a jar with it’s Double Serum, which I used in the past and gosh, it’s rather excellent. Today, I present your new foundation from Clarins, which promises to give you illuminated and youthful-looking complexion. It combines unique formula bringing the best of Clarins skincare and make-up into one product. 

The over thirty make-up requirements. 

At some point in life, it does matter what make-up you put on your face. Some product can age you by a decade with its heavy mat finish. 

Let’s go-to basics here and establish what does a good look like. Firstly, there is nothing sexier than healthy-looking, smooth skin that is so by nature without the help of make-up. The perfect make-up – in my humble opinion and those of PRO make-up artist – is giving you that flawless look without the weight of the product on the skin. So the more your make-up looks like you have none on, the closer to perfection you are. 

At some point in life, you learn to appreciate it. If you over the age when you wake up and the pillow print stays on your face for more than half an hour, but you still put 5 cm of foundation on let’s just agree to disagree. Despite that disagreement, I think you still might like the foundation as it gives full coverage without the weight of the product on the skin.  

Why smoothness matters? 

It’s all about light. Because skin reflects light from its environment, the smoother the surface of your skin, the more radiant it will look. Radiant = youthful.

Some light goes into the skin and is reflected back to the surface, so that is that light from within, we call it luminosity. It enhances the complexion. Collagen fibres play a significant role in reflecting the light so the dancer they are the more luminosity your skin will have. New, Everlasting Youth Fluid is infused with ingredients which help to double smoothing and firming action. Chicory, chosen for its ability to boost collagen synthesis to give you fuller and firmer skin. Red Jania extract to improve the reflection of light. 

Everlasting Youth Fluid test on over thirty skin. 

Firstly, I am used to wearing CC or BB cream daily, so I tend to seek the same level of smoothies and skin-like finish from my foundation, which of course is not possible, but I’d like my base to be close to it. 

I have used new, Clarins Youth Fluid Foundation on good skin days and bad ones. The days when you can see that last glass of wine you had last night had dehydrated your skin. Perhaps the night was too short. On those days, make-up doesn’t sit on the skin surface in the same way, and it was vital for me to test this new foundation for all the occasion. 

The texture

I was very impressed with the texture, which feels lightweight but not runny. You can easily apply it with blender or brush. Both give smooth and beautiful results. However, I prefer it used with the beauty blender. I feel you can achieve a flawless finish with less product on the skin, and therefore your skin will look better after a long day.

The lasting power

Foundation did not move and looked smooth all day. I often feel my skin looks more tired when I wear the base, but I was pleasantly surprised with Everlasting Youth Fluid, it just seemed as fresh and radiant at 6 pm as it did at 6 am. Win! 

The add ons!

In add-on to great texture, easy to apply formula and skincare benefits the Everlasting Youth Fluid is loaded with other ingredients to bring you further benefits. The SPF 15, so even if you’re lazy and skip daily sun protection in your skincare, this would at least protect you in some way. 

The anti-pollution complex, an added bonus for anyone leaving in the Big Smoke like me. 

Everlasting Youth Fluid – shades galore. 

Well done Clarins. Finally, we have 24 shards. I have been using and writing about Clarins products for years now. I remember the days where there were 10 shades if that in the range. It makes me happy to see women with well-matched foundation, so here you have it the entire 24 shades, so you don’t walk around looking like your had doesn’t belong to your body. 


The foundation comes in a jar with a pump. 30ml for £34 

I’m wearing shade 106 Vanilla 


  • Reply November 3, 2019


    You looking beautiful and elegance , with class :) I will stay here for longer xx

    • Reply November 5, 2019


      AWW, thank you. And welcome. So glad to have you here.

  • Reply February 1, 2021


    That is a gorgeous shade on you. I am looking at this foundation and need to choose between Ivory or Nude. Clarins has indeed improved upon the amount of shades; and their skincare has always been wonderful. Thanks for the review.

    • Reply February 26, 2021


      You are welcome.
      thank you so much for taking your time to comment.
      I just repurchased it and I’m just as happy as I was with my first bottle.

      Ewa x

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