Have we gone eyebrows-crazy?

Fluffy brows - have we gone brows-crazy?
Photo by Braydon Anderson 

Sometimes, for all the wrong reasons, we give eyebrows a bit too much attention. No one eyer have probably said to you; darling your eyebrows are so on point, I love you!! However, since your eyebrows have the power to take years off your look, I’m happy to give them my attention — all with moderation. Today, I’ll share tips I’ve learned from HD Brows during the masterclass I attended a couple of weeks ago. I also will have a discount code for you to redeem on HDbrows.com.

Great lips, but not so great eyebrows ;) Look what the difference it makes. Image 2015.

HD Brows Masterclass

My finished look using all HD Brows makeup products.

I go for a fluffy, natural but healthy looking eyebrows. I’ve been trained by Charlotte Tilbury how to achieve this gorgeous 90ties supermodel brow. Now, I also visited HD Brows at their Head Office for a full-day masterclass, where I also learned even more about makeup for eyebrows. HD Brows, as the name says it, is focusing heavily on eyebrows, from drawn on to microblading and they have a range of pro tools to help you achieve outstanding results.

What eyebrow is a right eyebrow?

June 2018 – Right after my 3 months regrowth program my eyebrows looking full.

One would say it’s a matter of opinion, but pro artists agree that there are some styles, which benefit your looks more than others. So today, I will talk about the brow that I feel is the most complementing and fit for real-world, everyday life.

Keep it simple; keep it fluffy!

Natural, everyday fluffy brows.
My everyday eyebrows. Fluffy and even but never overloaded with a product.

Technically, the less you mess with your eyebrows, the better they will look. That’s a piece of good news. The fuller brow the heathier and younger your face will look. The hard part is to know what to do and how to do it right. The correct tools will help you achieve the desired results too.

A sporty eyebrows with only a little bit of gel to keep them in place.

Brushed up eyebrows look more natural. Try to avoid harsh lines. You should aim to apply any product so lightly that you hardly see it on the skin and eyebrows. Use tools which let you pencil in individual lines. As if you were trying to drow hair where you see gaps after brushing up your brows. Creams might work better if you have dry skin, but those have to be applied with a brush.

Before you apply any product brush up your eyebrows because you’ll find it easier to see where there are gaps in your brow hair you need feeling in. Be gentle with the application to avoid your eyebrows looking artificial. Harder, more dry textured pencils work wonders for those with oily skin. After you’ve pencilled in always give your eyebrows another go with a fine eyebrow brush to move the product and distribute it evenly. I like to finish off with a gel to set the brow in place. Sometimes, I choose a gel with some colour to add more definition. That’s it. Simple, but not too simple.

Tools to wow your brow

pro tool to create fluffy brows
HD Brows , brow products.

During the masterclass with HD Brows, I learned to use their Pro tool, and it can genuinely make a huge difference. Daily I keep it simplified and use just the […] pencil

The Pro Pencil
Pro Shaper

Those two have to go together. You need Pro Shaper to sharpen your pencil so that it can draw a hair-thin line. You can buy them as a set too.

Browtech Pencil is what I use daily. I like to be quick with my makeup and use it only to enhance my looks. Enough to feel groomed and put together not changes.

Brow Better Gel to set and keep your eyebrows in place.

My favourite gel for brows is Legendary Brows in Supermodel from Charlotte Tulbuty you can get it here, and I use it with conjunction with a pro pencil or a pencil.

Two products, I use daily.

I have a code for you to use and enjoy 20% off your order on HD Brows.com. The links aren’t affiliated in any way. Use HDEWAP at checkout on hdbrows.com

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