MyCrew let me run with Europe’s fastest woman.

If you told me two years ago, when I started running, that I attend a training session with the fastest woman in Europe, I’d probably laugh. Two years later thanks to running I made new friends and had experiences I would never dream about. Recently, I was invited to join the session with Shelyna by MyCrew app. Shelayna Oskan-Clarke is an Athlete, Olympian, European Champion and words bronze medalist. She is also five times British Champion and an ambassador for MyCrew app. I was going to run with her!! No pressure, right?

My Crew app helps you get together for sports activists.

I know at least a bunch of people who would love this app. Friends who always organise group runs and get together fitness events. Well, this app is precisely for that purpose. You can join events created by others or create your very own event. I love running solo but there are times when a group run is a lot of fun. The app is free and so are the events. You can download it from the app store, just type MyCrew app or use the link.

From a long distance running to a speed running.

The session with MyCrew app and the Shelayna introduced me to a very different training than what I’m used to. As Shelayn is an expert on how to run fast, she was teaching us techniques to improve our running time!
It was incredible to see how small changes in body position and techniques made me run differently. The weather was warm but very temperamental so we have run in a downpour. I have nothing against running in the rain. I like it sometimes because it makes me feel truly free.

When we were doing our drills and running FAST there and back, Shelayna was cheering us up. I’m not gonna lie after my illness and a few weeks running free my fitness wasn’t at its usual level, so after a few drills, I started to feel it and struggle a little. I found it incredible how Shelayna was able to make me continue simply by running with me and making me focus on breathing or technique. I deserved my dinner that night. :)

I can’t promise that you’d get a chance to train with Shelayna, but there are always some fun group activities which you can join. The idea behind the MyCrew app is that the more people join and starts creating their own events the more there will be for us all to enjoy.

Do you think this could be the way forward for you to find motivation and enjoy running?

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