Floatation therapy – how to switch off entirely?

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Floatation therapy is now available in London, so if you find switching off entirely tricky, you should consider a session at 3Tribes studio. If you meditate, you’d love the experience undoubtedly.  I was invited to try it out. As someone who tends to be on the go it was blown away by the experience so let me tell you what happened there and how I had totally out of body experience. 

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When being on the go feels right floatation therapy is your saviour.

I always felt best being active, busy and on the go. Relax in my case has to be scheduled or I feel uneasy and unproductive. I will quickly find something to do. Writing something that might never see daylight could be a great relaxing exercise in my case or reading a book. I struggle to only lye down on the sofa and relax. Running is my meditation. That’s not me, but I recognise that at times it’s what my body needs. So when I heard that floatation therapy helps to switch off and is great for going over the ideas I got a tag excited. 

Jump in a tank. 

When you turn up to the session you’ll first jump in the shower, and in the meantime, the floatation therapy tank will be filling in with high in Epsom salts water. By the time you finish the tank will be ready. Jump into the water, which is your body temperature. You will be all naked. The idea is to eliminate any sensation. The water feels slimy – but in a good way – texture due to the salt content. 

60 minutes of calm 

The initial sensation of floating is fun and feels, well, different to when you sink in the bath water. At the start you’ll have some relaxing music playing and for five minutes to slowly set you in the right relaxing mood. Afterwards, the light goes off, and the music disappears too, and it’s just you and darkness. 

And breath

Out of body experience. 

I felt like a kid and played for a while with a floating sensation. The water pushes you so much that your body becomes weightless and you stop feeling your muscles. I also had some running injury which was causing me a bit of pain on one side of my body and that feeling was absent in the tank. I thought it’ll be a long hour because I couldn’t remember when was the last time I was lying down and thinking. Thinking and journaling, yes. Then I started going over the ideas ….  Fast forward 30 minutes (guestimate) and I realised I was in the most surreal place. I lost the feel of my body and space. It felt like there was only my mind and my thoughts and the rest didn’t exist. I had to do a little wiggle to reconnect with my body. 

Complete bliss. 

Woman ready after the gym taking picture in a mirror with a smartphone

I left feeling uplifted and fully relaxed. The floatation tank experience made me realised that it helped me recharge on a different level that I thought it was possible. I truly enjoyed the experience and would love to come back. It’s £55 a session, or you can book two courses for a £100 — not the cheapest hour of chilling and doing nothing but worth every penny. I will defiantly go back. My dad is worst than me, and he’s unable to sit still. I can’t wait to take him there when he is in London next. I hope he will like it just as much as I did.

Have a look at the 3Tribes page and find out more about the experience it’s wonderful. 

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