Facial acupuncture by Dr John Tsagaris – a skin transformation

Woman lying on bed during Facial Acupuncture with 100 acupuncture needles in the face.
Dr John’s bespoke Facial Acupuncture facial for Harrods Wellness Clinic.

Facial acupuncture with Dr John Tsagaris was by far the most unconventional experience I had. It left me feeling relaxed. Afterwards, my skin had the most incredible inner glow. I also learned about my body and health during the appointment. There is no price I can put on it.

The facts

Facial acupuncture will strengthen and improve your skin condition. Your lips will look fuller with no lip injection and the skin on your face will look smoother and glowing. You will need to lye down with 100 needles poking out your face, but you’d be surprised how wonderful it feels. However, when you are letting someone put needles into your face, I’d suggest you choose wisely. Six years ago, when I learned about the treatments and the results Dr John’s patients saw, I wished I could see him too. Today, I was incredibly lucky as Dr John Tsagaris invited me to experience his new treatment. He has developed it for the Harrods Wellness Clinic. I can’t express how grateful I am for this opportunity. Dr John is a world-class specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Human Bioscience. Overwhelmed by John’s kindness, knowledge and attention to detail I struggled to find words to write about the experience. I wanted to ensure I can give it justice. Let me try …

Facial acupuncture by Dr JohnTsagaris

women walking into the wellness clinic at Harrods
Image credit – Harrods

Dr John has over twenty years of experience. With all his treatments and products he is looking to address skin health concerns, balance its current state and encourage the skin’s ability to perform to its optimal potential. He merges the traditional Chinese practice with modern science and products like the injectables. John has developed two new bespoke facials for Harrods Wellness Clinic. Beauty Acupuncture with Hyaluronic Acid skin remodelling (£1.700 per session). The Advanced Beauty Acupuncture with Derma stamp and LED light therapy (£1.400 per session). Usually, when it’s a press appointment, we decide on treatment before booking. As I was struggling for the past six years with my skin, we agreed with Dr John to decide on the day.

The hope for skin health

I have been struggling with skin flare-ups for six years now. I know my body well and understand that skin problem is more than skin deep. Grumpy skin is only a symptom of something else happening in our body. So since multiple GP’s visits didn’t help. I had a few privet visits to the doctor and a few blood tests including hormonal tests. Some of which have been repeated three times. The results appeared perfect, so I was sent away and said not to worry. Feeling hopeless and aware of the problem, I believed that Dr John could help me. We briefly spoke about it before I saw Dr John. As a result, we decided to take a bespoke approach to my treatment.

Dr John has an inclusive approach to skin health. He will quickly notice what might be happening with your body to cause you problems. Dr John will always make you aware of them and try to address if possible. I was gobsmacked when John was able to give me a diagnosis within fifteen minutes. Now, Dr John hasn’t seen on knew at this point anything about my blood tests. He only saw a person in front of him. He carefully analysed my skin, checked my pulse and asked a ton of basic but fundamental questions. No GP has ever asked them. Dr John’s diagnoses made sense, especially when combined with the blood tests. Later John prescribed me some herbs to take and performed acupuncture not only to beautify me but to heal too.

100 needles in my face…

Ewa from Social Beautify blog lying on bed drung facial acupuncture treatment at Harrods Wellness Clinic.
Ready for the LED (blue light) therapy.

Before seeing Dr John for his bespoke facial, I never had acupuncture. However, I knew that A) I’m in best hands I could wish for B) I’m not scared of needles and never was, and since the acupuncture needles are extra fine, I told myself it’ll be fine. Plus John uses the finest acupuncture needles, which he buys from Japan. I was right. You don’t even feel the needles going into your skin, very bizarre.

In the treatment room

John started with the needles on my body to treat the health problem he detected. As to my facial acupuncture, John addressed a few issues. Firstly, he used some needles to boost my blood circulation and bring out the capillaries closer to the surface. Dr John does it to boost skin’s micro-circulation. It helps to strengthen the skin and increase its natural defence. I could feel how the skin was getting warmer in the areas where he inserted those needles. It also looked red, which you can see on the images quite well. Some other needles were there to plump up my skin and lips. I couldn’t believe the results when I looked in the mirror. My skin was bouncy and supple. Oh, and I couldn’t get over how full my lips looked. All thanks to a three tiny needles stuck right underneath my lips.

LED therapy

When all the 100 needles were in my face, Dr John allow me to relax. Next, was the LED light therapy. John chose for me the blue light to reduce the skin inflammation. I had a mini skin flare-up that day.

The feeling of compleat bliss.

Ewa from Social Beautify blog, taking a picture in the mirror minutes after facial acupuncture treatment with Dr John Tsagaris at Harrods Wellness Clinic
A few minutes after the treatment. How glowing and the smooth is my skin! :)

I understand your disbelieve when I say ‘you can relax’ during the facial acupuncture treatment. With 100 needles in the face, I agree it doesn’t look very relaxing. Trust me, tucked under a cosy blanket, with needles doing the job you will feel blissful. My skin and body felt warm because for once my blood circulation was optimal. My body felt weightless. After the LED light therapy Dr John removed all the needles. I felt somehow sad that the session was getting to an end.

The skincare to amplify the results

Dr John followed with a face mask to deeply hydrate the skin. The mask is entirely sterile so there are no preservatives. I’ve also tried John’s new skincare range. John recommended me to use lightweight, deeply hydrating formulas to help my skin gain balance and deal with the flare-ups. He used his newest products which you can purchase here or from Harrods here. All the products smell incredible, and my skin soaked them up in an instant.

Would I pay the money?

Piggy bank

When I saw my face after the treatment, my skin still was a little red. The treatment improves the skin’s micro-circulation which causes temporary redness. When I woke up the next day, I had the inner glow I haven’t seen on my skin EVER!! I can’t remember when my skin looked so healthy.
The facial treatment or other body treatments which Dr John offers are currently out of my budget. However, there is no question if I would pay the money! The question is; when? I already made my mind that I want to see Dr John as soon as I only can! This time for acupuncture and herbal medicne treatments.

Woman working on the computer in the early morning.
Fresh faced the next day!

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