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With a rise in skin sensitivity, we search for natural skincare routine for face and body to aid our over-reactive skin. But we want stuff that works not only smell nice. Recently, Elemental Herbology sent me the entire range of their products allowing me to test them thoroughly. You can choose from five different product ranges based on the Five Element Theory known to traditional Chinese Medicine. I found some products excellent, so I wanted to share them here with you.

Two months of natural skincare routing for face and body from Elemental Herbology

Ewa - Social Beautify applying lip balm
Using lip balm from Elemental Herbology.

I have changed a lot of my usual skincare products to E.H. By answering a set of questions I was able to establish that the range best suited to my skin type is the EARTH. From cleansing, through exfoliation to skincare products.

I replaced my oil face cleanser to the Elemental Herbology cleaning oil Harmonising Cleanse; then I used my usual face wash. I used a double cleanse technique every evening, so I was using the oil every night to remove my makeup. The oil is fabulous. Ticks all the boxes for me from the texture, smell to the feel of your skin after you’ve washed it off. I’ve tried many, and this oil is right in my top 3.
Then I used Skin Resurfacing pads; these are multi-acid facial pads. I have sensitive-ish skin, so I was able to use them only a couple of nights; otherwise, my skin felt a tad irritated. Nevertheless, the Resurfacing pads were one of my favourite products. Your skin will feel a little tingly after application, but the sensation goes after you apply the cream.
I also replaced my skin serum (to be fair recently I wasn’t using one at all) and my night moisturiser. I enjoyed the serum, but the moisturiser was a little bit too reach for my skin type. It never felt greasy or heavy on the skin, but as someone with congested and combination skin, I prefer lightweight textures.

My favourite skincare products.

Face Cleansing Oil in hands, Elemental Herbology
Harmonising Cleanse – face cleansing oil.

Harmonising Cleanse is spot on in every way. If you enjoy using cleaning oils, you should try it.
Skin Resurfacing Pads – These pads contain 5% Glycolic Acid and 5% AHAs. Your skin will glow the next day. Very powerful but we are after results here, so it’s a Yes from me.

The body treats.

There was no shakeup with my body routine. I was using the Erth Bath and Body oil with body balancing properties. I enjoyed using it in as a bath oil added to the water rather than applied directly to the skin. Then I also tried the Coconut Shell body scrub from the essential body range.
I think it’s hard to fault anything from the body range. The products smell gorgeous — particularly the bath and body oil. Nowadays I take a shower most of the time, but now and then I do like to take a bath to relax my mind and my muscles. I enjoy using products based on essential oils because I enjoy the smell.
Just be careful not to slip the next day in the bath. Those oils will make your bathtub bit slippery.

Oh, the plumping lip balm is also up my street. I keep it by my bedside table and use it every night and morning.

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